Cool Girl Ways to Cuff Your Jeans

What’s cooler than cuffed jeans? The girls that wear them. We’re talking about the trendsetters, the ones who aren’t afraid to be themselves and let their personal style shine through. Perhaps you’ve seen them walking through the mall, gracing covers of magazines, or on pictures on social media. Regardless, they are definitely the ones you want to look to when it comes to fashion sense – and that’s why Lionesse is paying homage to the cool girls and how they cuff their jeans. If you’ve been wanting to cuff like the pros, today’s your lucky day. Read on to find out how you can get the look yourself.

Simple Once Over Cuff

The Simple Once Over
There are two main ways of creating this look. First of all, if you want a large cuff, simply fold the hem of the jeans you’re wearing up once, and bring it up about 3-4 inches. If you want a rather tiny non-existent cuff, simply fold the hem over itself and leave it at that. Simple, right? And yes, that’s really all there is to it. You can mess the cuff around a bit to create a messy look, or leave it as is – the choice is yours.

Double Cuff Jeans

The Double Cuff
The double cuff is the typical cuff you see most people wearing, but the cool girls make it cool because they pair the perfect shoe with this cuffed look. To get the look yourself, simply fold the hem of your jeans up about 1 – 2 inches, and then up again another inch or two. Pair this look with some adorable flats or even sandals now that the warmer weather is here, or dress the jeans up with a nice pair of pumps.

Scrunched Cuff Jeans

The Scrunched Cuff
The scrunched cuff is one of the trendiest and most modern looking cuffs around. To get this look, you will fold your pants leg up as in the double cuff, but you will the mess the cuff around a bit, pulling part of it out and giving it a messy appearance. There really is no wrong way to get the scrunched cuff look, and you can modify it to fit your own style however you like. This look goes great with some trendy flats.

High Cuff Jeans

The High Cuff
High cuffing your jeans is simply that – bringing the cuff up higher than usual. You want your cuff to be about mid-calf in height, and you can use pretty much any cuff style you like to complete this look. The double cuff generally works and looks the best for this style, but don’t let that stop you from making the look all your own.

Lionesse believes that every woman should create her own personal style, but following the lead of others who know a thing or two about fashion wouldn’t hurt, either. Hopefully, you will give some of these cuffs a try for the spring season – you just might fall in love with your new cuffing capabilities, and become a trend setter yourself.

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