Could Watermelon Be A Secret Beauty Weapon?

Watermelon is a favorite fruit for most of us this time of year. What summer barbeque or get together is complete without watermelon? Since it’s in season, it’s so easy to make it a summer staple. Between its sweet taste and refreshing feel-we could eat it ALL day, especially those hot summer days. But what if watermelon was more than just a tasty, refreshing treat? Well the good news it really is SO much more than that. There are quite a few beauty benefits from watermelon. Which begs the question-could watermelon be a secret beauty weapon?

Aids in Boosting Collagen Production
You read that correctly, that delicious fruit you love to enjoy has collagen boosting benefits! Who knew?! Collagen is a huge asset in preventing signs of aging from forming on the surface of your skin, and because watermelon is such a wonderful source of vitamin C it’s been found to help give the natural collagen production in your body a nice acceleration. Vitamin C is a crucial nutrient to help with collagen production in the skin. That being said, watermelon basically has natural anti-aging benefits. We don’t know about you, but that’s almost enough of a beauty benefit-but it doesn’t stop there.

Helps Give Your Skin A Glow
Dull skin isn’t something we enjoy having and there’s only so much makeup you want to apply to get that glow. The good news is you don’t have to rely on just makeup to get that glow, watermelon consumption can help kick dullness to the side and help you to welcome glowing, vibrant skin. In addition to vitamin C, watermelon is also loaded with a great source of vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential here because it helps to increase cell turnover in your body. In other words, because your cells are turnover quicker thanks to the nutrient you’re able to beat dullness and welcome new, healthy cells promptly.

One of the Best Hydration Sources
By now you know that hydration is crucial to a lot of beauty struggles. Whether you want your hair to be shinier, or your skin more glowing a lot of these struggles go back to a lack of hydration in the body. Obviously, drinking water is a great place to start but watermelon is also known as one of the best sources of hydration for our bodies. Since it’s natural and gentle on our bodies it’s able to provide our hair, skin and nails with an incredible source of hydration without putting a lot of stress on our bodies.

Reduces Inflammation
Inflammation has become a known culprit to a lot of different beauty related problems. Between acne, aging and so many other things inflammation in our bodies does a lot of damage that can prevent us from looking and feeling our best. The good news is watermelon is known to help naturally reduce inflammation in our bodies thanks to lycopene-which is a nutrient found in watermelon that’s been found to help with the reduction of inflammation in the body.

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