“Cozy-Chic” Fall Fashion Trends

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It seems like once the temperatures start to decrease most of us are seeking out ways to stay cozy, warm, but still want to be cute.  It’s a struggle for many of us to really find that balance, and of course feel good about what it is we’re wearing.  If you’ve been struggling with this balance, you’re in luck because this season we have some really cute “cozy-chic” fall fashion trends that you’re going to love.  Not to mention, you’re going to be super cozy in them, so cozy you may not want to take them off!  Now that’s fashion to love, right?

Woman wearing a sweatshirt

Stylish Sweatshirts
You probably didn’t expect us to say that sweatshirts are a trend… but they totally are this fall!  Maybe it was Kanye West’s Yeezy collections that sparked a little inspiration. Regardless of where it actually stemmed from, it’s the ultimate cozy-chic look this fall.  Sweatshirts are being worn long as dresses, and there are a number of sweatshirts that are graphic tee style with different graphic prints that add some great chic detailing to them.  Really though, how much more cozy-chic can you get with a sweatshirt?  Just make sure you’re pairing them with some other elements to really bring the trend together and not just roll out of bed in your sweatshirt (even though we all need days like those).

Graphic T-Shirts
Since we’re in the midst of a full on 90’s revival in the fashion world, we weren’t too shocked to see that graphic tees are everywhere this season.  The great news for you is graphic tees are not only on trend, but they’re a fun way to be cozy-chic.  Pair your favorite graphic tees with a pair of jeans or even a comfy skirt with boots and you’re good to go.  Graphic tees are great layering pieces that add some fun style elements to your look, without adding any fuss.

Woman wearing relaxed pants

Relaxed Pants
If you’re tired of the skinny jeans and pant styles, you’re in luck because there are a plethora of relaxed fit pants this season that are EVERYWHERE.  We’ve all been in this skinny pant phase for a while now, it’s refreshing to see something with a more relaxed fit come into the picture.  There are relaxed fit pants in pretty much everything right now, from jeans to joggers you’re sure to find something that helps you feel cozy-chic without just feeling like a bum.

We don’t know about you, but we’re all over these cozy-chic fall fashion trends this season.  There’s nothing quite like curling up in a blanket on a cool day and just lounging around.  Even though most of us can’t do that every day, these trends are a nice alternative to give us that cozy feeling but still make sure that we’re staying chic and stylish in the process.  Talk about a win-win, right?  Now on those days when you just want to curl up in bed, but have to head to work you can bring some of those cozy vibes with you to help you get through the day a little more cozy.

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