Cozy Pamper Ideas

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Now that the weather is changing, there’s not quite as much for us to do outside…and let’s be honest most of us don’t exactly want to venture outdoors when it starts to get cold.  So many of us end up spending a lot of time indoors getting cozy and just chilling for a lot of the winter months.  Not only do many of us want to be cozied up, but it’s also nice to get a little extra pampering in since we’re indoors we might as well maximize on our time, right?!  If you’re anything like we are, sometimes it’s difficult to come up with cozy pampering ideas – which is exactly why we’re sharing some of our favorite cozy pampering ideas with you now!

At Home Facial Mask
You’d be surprised at just how cozy and pampering it can feel to apply a facial mask in the comfort of your own home.  Facial masks are something that our skin truly needs to really get an extra boost to our skin’s health and appearance, plus it’s incredibly soothing.  Not to mention, something about applying a facial mask even at home feels a little more luxurious than just sticking to your typical skin care routine.  If you’ve been feeling like your skin is lacking some moisture or just needs a little boost, find a facial mask that’s going to suit the needs that your skin currently has and pick an evening to apply it.  Sure it may sound simple, but it’s really all in how you do it.  So cozy up in a plush robe, get yourself some soothing tea poured and turn on some relaxing spa type of music while you sit with your facial mask applied.  It’s a great way to give your skin a little TLC and give yourself a little cozy pampering that you’ve probably been in dire need of.

Movie Night
There’s something about curling up in blankets and cozy clothes during the cold winter months that just feels so satisfying.  Since it’s cold outside, being snuggled up indoors is SO relaxing and enjoyable.  One of our favorite cozy pamper ideas is to have a movie night in at home.  Plan an evening with your significant other, or girlfriends and decide on some of your favorite movies to have on deck for the occasion.  Once you schedule it out, make sure to get some of your favorite snacks and drinks (wine is always a favorite for something like this) and make sure everyone comes in their coziest clothes and you have plenty of blankets and pillows for everyone.  It’s something that seems so simple, but most of us don’t really take the time to actually have a real movie night any more with so much  going on in our minds.  Making it extra enjoyable with your favorite food and drinks is the icing on the cake.  It’s simple, but such a great way to pamper yourself and enjoy an evening of complete cozy relaxation.

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Head to the Spa
Of course, sometimes you need a little more pampering than you can do yourself at home – and then it’s time to head to the spa.  Book yourself a nice relaxing massage or facial at a nice spa, a place that really focuses on the spa experience.  Spa environments are always instantly cozy feeling and let’s face it…there’s nothing quite as pampering as getting into the spa for some much needed R&R.

Exfoliating Treatment
You already know that exfoliating your skin is incredibly important to your skin’s health and appearance.  And you probably spend time doing an exfoliating mask on a somewhat regular basis (hopefully), spas often have these incredibly pampering exfoliating body treatments that really make anyone feel cozy and pampered.  But the truth is you can get the same thing at home!  Get yourself a high quality body scrub and set some time aside to really pamper yourself by doing an entire body exfoliating scrub.  Your skin will feel incredibly soft and lush after – plus you’ll feel great spending a little time doing something just for you!

Bath Spa Treatment
Just like curling up with blankets, enjoying warm water is also incredibly soothing and relaxing this time of year.  If you have the space for it, draw yourself a nice bath.  But it’s not just about drawing yourself a bath that gives you that cozy spa treatment aspect.  Add some Epsom or sea salts to your bath along with a few drops of your favorite essential oil (lavender oils are great for relaxing), some suggest even adding a bit of baking soda to the mix.  It’s a great combination that can give you this relaxing spa treatment right in the comfort of your own home, and let’s not downplay the fact that this sounds super cozy and pampering.  There are a ton of spa treatments that add combinations like this, but you can get it right from your own bath at home – not to mention it’s pretty great for your skin!

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