Cute Nail Art Ideas for Girls

Spending time at your table, gathered with your little girl and maybe some of her friends, is a great way to bond and get to know your daughter’s style. Incorporating nail art into the mix is one of the best ways to have fun, get creative, and explore the various color options that girls love. As a mother, you have the final say when it comes to how extensive the nail art goes – and today, Lionesse is providing you with some super cute on-trend nail art ideas for girls to utilize in your daughter’s next sleepover or even when spending one on one time with your little princess.

Animal prints nail art.

Animal Prints
Animal prints are something most every girl loves, such as zebra stripes and cheetah prints, and they are always on trend and in style. Not only that, but nearly every drug store in America on top of beauty supply stores sell nail art stickers you can press on, trim, and file to your daughters nails. This is a fun, creative way to incorporate something she loves, helping her to identify with something she really enjoys.

Princess Themed Nails
What little girl doesn’t want to be a princess? Inspire her inner princess and make her feel like one by incorporating Cinderella blue nail color and painting on a tiara, or pressing on a tiara sticker or stamp, and maybe even her favorite Disney princess onto a nail or two. Princess themes are so much fun and never go out of style.

Summery theme nail art.

Summery Themes
Whether you opt for nail stickers, or use nail paint to brush on some palm trees, beach balls, and surf, it’s a safe bet that during the summer months she will most definitely enjoy beach themed nails. This style works for little girls up through the teenage years. It would be a lot of fun to wear to a pool party or for spending a family day at the beach.

Hello Kitty Theme
There is no character more beloved amongst little girls than Hello Kitty, right ladies? Therefore, Hello Kitty nails will be a huge hit with your daughter and her friends. There are myriad Hello Kitty nail stickers available for purchase in stores, or you could get daring and paint them on yourself.

Nail Art. Bows painted on fingernails.

Bows are one of those things that girls absolutely adore, and they would make a great addition to any little girl’s nail color. Paint the nails a solid color, perhaps rotating the colors every other nail and doing the same with a second color, and then add some bow stickers or paint a pretty bow with a ribbon onto the nails. This is a safe bet for any girl, and will be a feminine look she will love.

Cheer Themes
If your little princess is a cheerleader, what better way to showcase her love for the sport than by incorporating it into her nail art? Perhaps you could write the name of her squad across her nails in nail paint, after painting them a solid base color. Or, you could paint her team’s colors on her nails and then add some pom-pom nail art and a megaphone. Get creative and have fun!

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