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Dealing with Fine Lines, Enlarged Pores and Hormonal Acne

Are you dealing with fine lines, enlarged pores and hormonal acne?  We feel for you, but we want you to first know that you’re not alone – so many people are struggling with the same exact things with their skin.  Adult acne in combination with showing signs of aging seems like cruel and unusual punishment, but because your body and skin is going through a lot of changes it’s not uncommon at all.  Since we know so many people are facing the same obstacles and not really knowing how or where to start with skin care for these skin care dilemmas, we thought we would share some of the best things for you to adapt into your skin care routine when you’re dealing with the combination mentioned above.

Use a Mild Cleanser
When you have enlarged pores and hormonal acne, we get that it seems only natural to want to use an acne specific cleanser.  However, many experts suggest that when you have acne as an adult using an acne cleanser can cause your skin to become too dry.  So instead of using that acne fighting cleanser, stick to a mild cleanser.  The mild cleanser is going to be gentle on your skin that may be showing signs of fine lines as well as dealing with the oil production in your skin from the acne and enlarged pores.  As tempting as it is to be rough on your skin when it’s in this stage, resist the urge and instead be gentle and make sure you’re using a product that’s gentle to allow your skin to breathe and heal.

Enlist in a Spot Treatment Product
As we said, it’s suggested to not use an acne fighting cleanser for your particular skin concerns.  But you’re probably wondering what else you can do to start healing some of that acne, right?  Instead of using an acne specific cleanser, use a spot treatment to apply to your acne breakouts.  This will help you be able to treat those specific areas that are facing acne without causing too much dryness to occur in your skin.

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Exfoliating is great for your skin all the time, but when you’re trying to fight fine lines and acne/enlarged pores it’s going to be even more crucial.  Just like with the cleanser, make sure you use an exfoliating product that’s gentle on your skin.  Exfoliating is going to help get rid of dead skin cells, oil build up and anything else that your skin needs a detox from.

Moisturize, and Your Makeup
We know that when you’re dealing with acne and oil production that’s higher than normal using a moisturizer seems like it might make things worse.  Opt for an oil free formula, for starters.  In addition, with your moisturizing products and your makeup it’s important to make sure that you’re sticking to products that are listed as noncomedogenic.  Noncomedogenic essentially means it won’t clog your pores – crucial for you at this point.

Of course, we can’t forget to stress the importance of making sure you stick to a consistent skin care routine and NEVER go to bed with makeup on.

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