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Don’t Be Embarrassed About How Your Body Works

When it comes to our bodies, most of us are pretty aware about any changes that occur in our body.  Even more so, we’re all pretty aware of the different things that we experience with our bodies on a daily basis.  We do live with our bodies 24/7, after all.  However, even though so many of us are aware of the way our bodies work and function, so often there’s a stigma around different things that lead us to feeling embarrassed by it.  We want to help you to eliminate any of that embarrassment so we’re chatting about some of the common things our bodies do.  Don’t be embarrassed about how your body works – we’re all in this together!

Stomach Noises/Grumbling
We’ve all been hungry a time or two (or a lot more), and it seems like it’s at the times when we’re in a quiet environment that our stomachs decide to make noises and start to grumble.  For whatever reason, even though we’ve all experienced this exact situation, so many people get embarrassed by it.  We’re telling you to kick that embarrassment to the side – we all have stomach grumbles from time to time and it’s just because you’re hungry.  No need to be embarrassed about the fact that you need to eat, too!

Flaky Skin
Look, it’s the winter season, so we’re all dealing with a little extra dryness this time of year than throughout the rest.  Even during the rest of the year, if you notice that you have some extra dry spots on your skin there’s no need to be embarrassed by it.  We’ve all had dry skin throughout our lives, just try carrying a moisturizer along with you or stepping up your moisturizing game a bit to keep your skin healthy and kick some of the dryness to the side a bit.

woman smelling sweat

This one is always interesting because we all sweat, but we’re all incredibly embarrassed when we do.  But why be embarrassed?  Sweating is a natural thing that our bodies all do to help cool themselves off when we get hot.  There’s nothing dangerous or unhealthy about sweating, so instead of getting embarrassed by it try just owning it and understanding that we all do it.  If you’re sweating an excessive amount that you feel isn’t normal – talk to your doctor.  But odds are, you’re sweating just like the rest of us.

Foot Scent
We’ve all been in a place where we removed our shoes and noticed that our feet weren’t exactly smelling like roses.  As much as it can be embarrassing and make us feel like we should be ashamed of it, it’s a completely natural thing.  Since our feet are often in shoes and socks for hours at a time – they begin to sweat and can cause a less than pleasant scent to arise.  Experts suggest that the best ways to combat some of that is to just make sure that you’re washing your feet and rotating the shoes you wear on a daily basis.

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