Easing into Strength Training

Strength training

Working out is incredibly important to our health, you already know that.  However, often times if you’re on a consistent cardio circuit and haven’t been including any strength training into your routine it can limit your results of your efforts.  This is why it’s important to add strength training into your workout regimen, however adding in strength training isn’t typically something you want to jump in full force right away but rather ease into slowly.  We’re going to go through some of our tips and suggestions for easing into strength training safely.

Use Your Body Weight
Often times when we think of strength training we automatically think of weight lifting, however, strength training can be done using your body weight.  Incorporating exercises like push-ups, body weight squats, and planks are all great ways to get your strength training game up and not even have to leave your house!  Start slow with a lower number or reps, as that gets easy, start adding more repetitions to your sets and find other ways of making the exercises more difficult like them on one leg/arm, for example.

Plyometric exercises are another great way of adding strength training into your workout routine.  Plyometric activities are most known for their explosive attributes.  Activities like that include jumping like squat jumps, box jumps, split squat jumps, etc. are all great exercises to add in for an extra boost of strength training that are also known to burn a lot of calories.  The other bonus with plyometric type exercises is that they don’t have to require any equipment or weights.  You can use your body weight or what you have around you to make them more difficult as they get easier.

Woman lifting weights

Start Small
If you’re more into using weights, or you’ve reached the point where you’re ready to start using weights with your strength training workouts it’s important to start slow.  Jumping into weights that are very heavy is a quick way to get injured.  Stay safe and instead start small, let your body get used to using weights and gain the strength to move up.  As your body gets stronger and the weights don’t feel too difficult you can work your way up. Remember it’s not a race and your safety is the most important thing!  Another way to ease into weights is to increase the repetitions of exercises before going up in weight.  If you feel like the exercises are getting easier but you’re not quite ready to move up to the next weight size, add more repetitions onto your sets.

We all know how important it is to exercise and take care of our bodies, but it’s just as important to make sure we’re safe about how we’re doing it. So if you’re ready to add strength training into your workout routine make sure you’re easing into it to avoid injury.  There are many different ways to incorporate strength training, as you can see it doesn’t have to include weights or even going to a gym!

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