Embracing Your Sexy

woman in window sill

Do you truly embrace your sexy?  We know, it can be difficult to truly do.  Embracing yourself in any sense can sometimes be hard.  One of the things that can hold many of us back from truly embracing your sexy is the fact that it’s not always looked at as a good thing to do, there may be some negative thoughts that come to your mind when you think of embracing your sexy.  But we are determined to really help women embrace their sexy, who they are, and what they are.  If you’re not quite sure where to even begin with embracing your sexy you’re in the right place, because we’re coming to you with some ideas!

The first thing you need to do is realize that there’s nothing negative about embracing or feeling sexy.  Seriously!  We know you may have rolled your eyes or thought “maybe someone else but not me.”  We’re here to tell you to stop those negative thoughts and realize that you…yes YOU, are deserving of embracing your sexy.  Never mind what anyone else says or has said to you, this is about you embracing yourself for exactly who and what you are.  And you’re sexy!  In combination with this, it’s also to important to remember (and maybe even realize) that feeling and being sexy isn’t negative either.  In our society, there’s been a lot of different feelings around the word sexy, but we’re here to bring the positive spin on it.  Basically what we’re saying is you need to let down any walls you may have built up around preventing yourself from embracing your sexy.

Once you’ve let down your walls and actually given yourself permission to embrace your sexy, many experts say that it’s important to get in touch with your body.  As women, many of us tend to get so caught up in our minds and thinking about what we don’t like about our bodies that we forget to appreciate our bodies.  Spend time being more self-aware of yourself and your body, and begin to focus/think about what you DO like about your body.  Journaling can be a great source for doing something like this, where you’re truly changing your mindset of yourself.  If journaling doesn’t feel good to you, do more things that allow you to be more in tune with your body – even doing certain exercise classes like yoga or even belly dancing.  This is a great way to begin to appreciate your body for what it is, rather than focusing on what you don’t like.

Being and embracing your sexy is all about you, it’s not about whether other people think you’re sexy or doing something for someone else.  It’s really ALL about you and how YOU feel about yourself.  It’s an extremely powerful thing to be able to embrace your sexy.  It’s a process, so don’t feel like you’re doing something wrong if you don’t feel sexy right away.  Allow yourself to embrace your sexy, and the journey that comes along with it.

How do you embrace your sexy?

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