Enhance Your Eye Shape with Makeup

Makeup can do a lot of good for one’s eyes – make them appear more youthful, glamorous, and sexy. It can show the world you really care about the way you look, or not so much. It can also help to enhance your eye shape if and when applied right. Today, Lionesse takes a look at how you can enhance your eye shape with makeup.

Cat eyed eyeliner

Almond Eyes
Almond eyes benefit from the implementation of eyeshadow on the outer edges, which brings focus to the beauty of the almond shape in itself, and really puts an accent on the creased area of the eyes. The crease towards the outer corner should be the main focus, using a darker hue in the crease and outer edge than you use on the lid. You can also feel free to highlight the inner corner of the eye to add that extra pop of brightness. A cat eyed eyeliner look is perfect for almond eyes, although a winged look is beautiful as well.

Upturned Eyes
Upturned eyes are similar to almond shaped eyes, in that all of the cosmetic application and application style should be virtually the same. You can, however, accent the outer corners of the eyes, underneath the eye, with some highlighting powder to play up on the upturned area of your eye, or highlight above the outer corner to downplay the edges of the eyes.

Winged eyeliner look

Down Turned Eyes
Down turned eyes can really benefit from a winged eyeliner look, which gives them the illusion of being pulled upward – a much more attractive look for those with the downturned shape that they feel makes them look sad or upset. You can also accent the eyes with some full volume mascara, which is perfect for masking the true shape of the eye.

Big Eyes
Those who have big eyes usually either love them, or hate them – but there’s really no in between when it comes to this eye shape and size. Big eyes, for those who want to accent them for their beauty, can be adorned however you’d like with just about any makeup style and color. Bold colors tend to look the best on big eyes, as do dark, sensual colors. For those who are trying to downplay their eyes, a neutral palette would do just the trick to allow you the option of wearing makeup but keeping it subtle. You can also add a light coat of mascara to the bottom lashes rather than the top lashes, giving the eyes a more closed appearance – and technically, not appear as big.

White eyeliner to lower lash line.

Small Eyes
Smaller eyes are generally pretty easy to give the appearance of a larger eye to. You will want to line your bottom waterline with a white eye pencil, and curl your lashes upward to give the appearance that your eyes are open wider. You can also add some white eyeliner to the inner corner of the eye, blending it out a bit, and then add a highlighter to brighten and open the eye.

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