Fabulous Teen Fashions

Fashion is always fun to mix and match, especially in your teen years.  Fashion trends change often and it can be difficult trying to keep up.  In honor of the change of seasons and end of school year for most teens, we wanted to round up a few of our favorite teen fashion trends to help you stay fashionable all summer long.

Cut-off shorts

Cut-Off Shorts
Jean shorts have been a summer wardrobe staple for many years, but the cut off addition to the staple is a bit newer.  Teens of all ages are all about this trend since it’s really the summer version of…jeans!  Whether you’re a high-waisted fan or not, either way is a fun, fashionable choice.  The only thing to be cautious of with this trend is making sure the shorts aren’t too short, there’s a fine line between short and WAY TOO short.  Save yourself the discomfort of the shorts riding up and showing too much and opt for something that won’t leave you feeling suffocated.

A-Line Skirts
If you’re not feeling the shorts or just want some variety, a-line skirts are EVERYWHERE in teen fashion this season.  Everything from tutu-style to lace to a more casual style is being worn this season.  The great thing about skirts is they can be worn with anything.  Pair your favorite skirt with a graphic t-shirt and you’ve got a fun, fashionable outfit that took just minutes to put together.

Shirt tied to the waist

Tie it Around Your Waist
There’s a huge 90’s inspiration going on in fashion right now, so it’s natural that the shirt tied around the waist is back in full effect.  It’s a fun way to add a little ‘cool’ factor into your outfit without much extra effort.  If you’re wearing all solid colors/textures it’s also a great way to add a little print and/or color into your outfit.  You can tie the shirts around your waist with any outfit, whether it’s shorts and shirt, a dress, etc.

Another popular trend in teen fashion is sneakers.  Sneakers are a fun way to again, add a little cool, edgy vibe to your outfit.  They always look super cute with shorts and skirts, and the added bonus is they’re SUPER comfy.  No matter what color or style you like in a sneaker they look great with almost everything you pair them with – just try!

Crop top

Crop Tops
We couldn’t have a teen fashion article without the mention of crop tops…they’re everywhere!  The great thing about crop tops is they look great paired with just about anything, jeans, shorts, skirts, etc.  If you like the crop top look but don’t want to show too much of your midsection, opt for a higher waisted bottom to cover more.

Of course above all with teen fashion, wear what makes you feel good!  Style is a great way to express yourself and show your personality a bit, use it as a creative outlet.  Mix and match different pieces together to see how they look (and how you feel).  You may be surprised at what you discover you like!

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