Fall’s Most Stylish Flats

Woman trying out flats.

There are so many incredible heels for women–in a myriad of styles, designs, colors, heights and other design elements. They’re sexy, retro, girly, playful, serious, powerful and whimsical. There are heels for sporty looks, heels for work, heels for church, heels for clubbing and heels for practically every other occasion you might think of. Some heels are sandals, and some are boots. But if you are suddenly feeling confused because you began reading this while imagining that you would be learning about flats– as in the type of shoes that are actually the opposite of heels– you are not incorrect.

Too Much of a Good Thing?
Heels are wonderful and can be fun to wear, but as more women are showing up in offices of orthopedic practitioners with the most commonly associated issues with prolonged heels-wearing, it’s time to think flats. Not that we can’t still have our heels, but there has got to be a good amount of time when you’re paired up with a pair of heel-impaired, heelless, sub-heeled–whatever you might call them–shoes. Otherwise, you can expect some serious problems in your heel-wearing future, and most can only be corrected surgically, with which, there are no guarantees.

Find Out About These Flats
While there might be a few women to initially feel unabashed disappointment, bordering on imagery of becoming a total recluse, there is every reason for women everywhere to open their eyes and behold the amazing world of flats, for every occasion, and in every color, style and brand. Fun, flirty, fabulous and for better leg health, flats are showing up this season with new flair and style that will effectively astonish the fashion world like never before. You don’t have to be that much closer to the ceiling to work, play, party and celebrate highest design standards for women. And discover, once again, what it feels like to be free.

New Flair for Today’s Flats
Today’s styles for “flatwear” are more varied than ever, with styles being worn by professional working women in the most covetous of manners. With neutral hues and metallic details, pronounced pointed toes are what transform somewhat more casual flats into solid workwear. And flats are making the scene on date nights, with extra unique embellishments like studs and added flair with patterned straps. And of course, the pointy toe. For those more laid back occasions, where less formality is required, the once-substantial heel of the conventional flat shoe has been trimmed way down, and is now more of a suggestion than anything, and lovely this way. With modern design motifs that include treating flats with the same dignity that heels have long enjoyed, any previous zones restricting traffic from flats have forever disappeared.

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