Fierce Feline Looks for Leos

Leos are ruled by the sun, but their animal symbol is the lion. Could this have anything to do with the reason that most, if not all, Leo women adore cat patterned clothing? You’d better believe it. Let’s take a look at some of the feline inspired looks for the Leo woman, which most every Leo chick will love and adore.

Woman with cat eye makeup.

Cat Eye Makeup
This is the most subtle of all of the looks on this page, and works for any woman of any sign – but the cat eye is a great look and addition to any outfit, whether it’s feline inspired or not. Cat eye makeup may take a bit of time to practice and get right, but once you do, you’ll find this will become your go-to look every time you need that something special for a big night out or event. A cat eye is best completed with a liquid liner, or gel liner, but never with an eye pencil as the lines aren’t fluid enough.

Woman wearing animal print boots.

Leopard Printed Boots
This item just screams Leo! Leopard printed boots, either ankle height, calf height, or knee high, would look fabulous for your look, Leo. Pair them with some black leggings and a sweater, or with a leopard printed dress to really do it up. Or, you could even throw on a pair of denim cutoffs and an orange or black shirt and rock the boots in this style. Killer!

Woman wearing a leopard print dress

Leopard Print Dress
What’s sexier than a leopard print dress? Not too much, we think – and for the Leo woman, this style is absolutely purrrfect (see what we did there?) for a chic going out style, or as something to wear when spending the evening with your man. We all know you’re a fierce lioness waiting to unleash her wild side, so why not let it shine in a sexy leopard print dress? Work it, girl!

Woman wearing a leopard scarf

Bold Outfits With Leopard Accents
Leo women aren’t afraid to attract all of the attention in a room – which is why they can get away with wearing bold, striking colors and outfits that in fact do steal all of the attention. Not only do Leo women possess natural beauty, but they also put off an air of elegance no matter what they wear, where they go, and what they do. To add something extra special to your bold colored outfit, opt for a leopard or cheetah print accent in the form of a belt, a bracelet, or even in a scarf form.

The Leo woman can pretty much take any outfit and make it her own, and ass sexy feline flair to it by choosing tight, form fitting pieces, and accessorizing however she may see fit. Tight, body forming clothing is the way to go for the Leo, who is always seeking that attention and gaining it without problem. She can incorporate a feline look into her daily regime by wearing black, aside from cat prints, and orange hues as well – both of which look fabulous on a Leo.

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