Foods That Fight Aging

Aging is something that we’re all faced with dealing with eventually, but if you’re anything like us you want to try to fight it as much as possible.  While there’s always new skin care products and treatments coming out that claim to help fight aging, there’s also been a lot of discovery around what we eat and how it can negative or positively affect our skin.  We’re sharing some of the foods that fight aging to help you incorporate some anti-aging tricks through the use of food – because believe it or not, it can be a pretty powerful trick to start to incorporate yourself for your skin.

fruits and veggies

Fruits and Veggies
Sure,you already know that fruits and veggies are key to helping you be a healthy person overall, but you probably didn’t realize that they can also be pretty powerful at helping with the aging process.  Since fruits and veggies are filled with nutrients that our bodies need to function properly, it’s really been found to help your body protect and heal itself from inflammation and protect it from free radicals – all of which have been found to have some pretty major effects on the aging process.

Lean Proteins
Another food group that’s always known to be good for our health, it’s not just good for your health, but it’s also pretty great at helping with anti-aging factors.  Protein is a food group that’s said to be one of the areas that people tend to not eat enough of on a daily basis.  It’s great for anti-aging properties because it helps to build and maintain muscle mass, keeping your skin looking tighter and more toned.  In addition, healthy, lean sources of protein have been found to lower blood pressure and really keep your health on track.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids
You’ve likely heard about taking omega-3 supplements, but may not be totally aware of why they’re so key to our health and skin.  One of the major factors to why omega-3 fatty acids are so helpful in the aging process is because they’ve been found to reduce inflammation in the body.  When our body has too much inflammation it can often result in premature signs of aging, so reducing the inflammation is really great for helping avoid that.

red wine

Red Wine
Ok, so technically this isn’t a food, but we had to include it.  While too much consumption of alcohol isn’t good, small doses of red wine have been found to have incredible benefits for anti-aging properties.  Red wine has an ingredient called Resveratrol in it.  Resveratrol is an incredibly strong antioxidant that also helps to reduce inflammation in the body in a really powerful way.  Essentially, it helps to give your body the protection it needs from developing early signs of aging, and often helping to prolong the signs of aging from even popping up.  In addition, red wine is found to have some other pretty powerful anti-aging benefits like lowering your risk of heart disease – among other things.

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