Football Weather Fashion

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Every year when fall approaches, we all start to get ready to dress differently. You may be starting to put your hot summer-appropriate clothes away for the year, and start to bring out more of your cold weather clothes. In the United States a lot of us also associate fall with football, because it’s really starting to kick off (pun intended) in the fall. Since you’re probably not totally ready for it to be fall, we thought we would make it a little more fun by sharing football weather fashion tips to help soften the blow of the colder weather making its way.

Get the boots out girl!
Is there anything more fall-like than boots? While boots have become something that women wear all year round, they still hold a special place in our heart during the fall months. Personally, we’re all about the ankle boots this season. There’s something so effortless and chic about an ankle boot and it seems like whatever you pair them with instantly creates a stylish fall look.

Layer it up
Layers are everything in the fall, especially because the weather tends to fluctuate in temperature quite a bit from day to day (sometimes even in the same day). Layering the third piece over your outfit is a great way to work in some chicness to your football weather fashion. The third piece can really be anything, from a poncho to a leather jacket to a vest it’s really up to you and what you enjoy wearing. The great part of these is that you can take them off and on easily to accommodate the weather at is changes.

Use accessories to spice things up
While it can sometimes feel redundant to continue wearing the same layers together in the fall, if you really want to mix things up and feel unique in your fall outfits accessories are going to be your best friend. Floppy hats and scarves are the BOMB when it comes to creating a football weather look that’s casual but still chic (or dressed up, whatever you’re going for!). Plus, they’re SUPER easy to throw on with basically any outfit. If you have a few of the same go-to outfits just start mixing in different fall weather accessories and you’re going to feel like you’ve turned 3 outfits into 30 – seriously!

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Play with textures
Mixing textures are so fall, don’t you think? Wearing different textures during the fall season is another great way to create a unique look easily. Mixing leather with flannel and cotton is a super fun combo, just to give you an idea! This is another benefit of layering in the fall, you’re really able to play with mixing textures and creating different looks that cater to whatever the occasion is. And if you are heading to an actual football game in the fall, wearing jeans with a leather jacket and a casual top is an instantly chic but casual outfit that’s perfect for the occasion.

What’s your go to football weather fashion?

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