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Pastel nails

From what we’re seeing on the best-dressed fingertips of celebs and fashionistas everywhere who are springing forth for the big nail art reveal of spring 2016, there’s a lot to love! Everywhere, new trending nails are proof positive that we’re going to be more full-on fun, with a stellar lineup of new, exotic and funky fresh. You’ve been thinking that you’ve seen it all, right? And that all the possibilities with nail art have already been there, done that, right? You would not be alone in your assumption, but you would certainly be totally wrong about it. The precision of color blocking, lines and embellishments go further than ever in expressing a brilliant avant-garde appeal, with styles for every taste, and every temperament.

Crazy for Coachella
This time around, the nail art trend is vastly unique, with a dazzling dramatic appeal that demonstrates a game changing level of artistry, worthy of inclusion in a modern art museum.  And if nail art were a winner takes all style of competition, the clear dominator would be Sarah Hyland, and her beyond the range of all former possibilities nails, with the spoils all going straight to her crazy-awesome new brand of 3D. Drama, glued to her nail moons! A miniature bird cage, and a variety of large, jewel-studded flowers and a jewel larger than her nail. Dotted with puffy gold dots in lines across each nail. Her crazy Coachella nails’ insane effects will forever change how we look at nails and their range of decoration possibilities. There are no words that can adequately describe the look, the awesomeness and the mind-bending 3D foray her Coachella nail bling gives birth to. Only by way of a close-in, cropped visual can you begin to appreciate the sheer determination behind this whole new concept for nails. One thing’s for sure with this particular effect—not only would you be severely limited in what you could do with your hands, but you would most likely not be able to stop thinking of them, even for a second. Ornamentation and embellishments have never been so bold and confident–ideal for the Coachella festival, for sure.

Vanessa Hudgen

Tinseltown /

More Mani Inspo, Full of Funky and Avant Garde Awesomeness
Lucy Hale sweetened things up by finishing off her mani with a thick coating of sugar on top of each nail’s boldly two-toned primary colors, giving them the same mouth-watering suggestive power as those sugar-coated gummy worms we love. Shay Mitchell revealed a brilliant homage to junk food, with some of the best artistic imagery yet. The pinkie featured a center strip in ideal hot dog color, with a squiggly line of mustard color running down its length. These brightly colored nails she revealed on Instagram would be the perfect style for any picnic. Bella Thorne’s nail art inspiration for rocking the red carpet of the People’s Choice Awards came from a mixed metal motif, with different silvery shaded bases and gold top designs sporting a variety of sparkle effects. She loaded up her hosting fingers with mixed metal rings that killed. Vanessa Hudgen made sure her nails were ready to rule for her recent Bongo Jeans campaign. Each deliciously-crafted base coat was painted either metallic gold or deep black, and sported a distinctive statement from one nail to the next, with unique sparkles and jewel embellishments with exotic drama.

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