Get Out of Your Makeup Rut!

You may have been wearing the same makeup style since your prom in 1989, but that’s all about to change. You didn’t really expect to be wearing the same makeup, in the same way, for all of these years and beyond – but nonetheless, here you are stuck in a world of uncertainty when it comes to the new makeup styles, application methods, and even products. Today, Lionesse is here to help you climb out of your makeup rut and into a brand spanking new makeup routine that will blow your mind (in the best way possible), have you looking super sleek, sexy, and stylish, and keep you up to date and on trend overall.

Celeb style

Follow Celebrity Style
If you’re totally clueless about what’s trendy, what’s hot, and what’s not, you should be peeping into what the celebrities you love are up to in terms of their beauty and hair care routines. This information is usually pretty simple to find, thanks to the internet, and can at times be extremely detailed – listing off all of the products and application styles of each individual star, with each of their individual looks, before you make some harsh style mistakes and do it wrong. TV is a great place to start!

Woman reading a fashion magazine

Look In a Magazine
Browsing through fashion and beauty magazines will give you lots of inspo on what’s hot and trendy currently. Pay close attention to the cosmetic products, colors, and brands mentioned – though, to be fair, you don’t quite need to opt for the super pricey brands if you don’t have it like that, but it’s always smart to learn the names, nonetheless. Magazines can provide a lot of insight into what’s currently being worn, and how, and what’s to come next up – so you can be ready to go when the trend does arrive.

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Check Social Media
If you’ve got a social media account on either Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook, chances are you will be faced with tons of fashion, style, beauty, and hair and skin care posts on a daily basis, depending on what/who you’ve chosen to follow. By following beauty related accounts, you can always be blessed with seeing some of the most gorgeous, trendy looks in the world right now – and they can oftentimes provide plenty of insight into beauty where other avenues did or could not. Keep up on the latest beauty trends and fashions and you’ll be well on your way to climbing out of that makeup rut in no time.

Woman trying out colors in a beauty store.

Find Colors that Work with Your Skin
Figuring out your skin tone and learning what colors will work well with your skin is usually based upon skin tone, skin texture, eye color, eye shape, face shape, and hair color. Most, if not all, of these are usually taken into consideration as well as the undertones of your skin color before cosmetic colors are decided upon that may or will look great on you.

Makeup brushes

Toss Old Products
Anytime you have a product which has passed its shelf life (as seen with a little number and recycle looking symbol on the back/bottom of the product bottle or container), it’s time to toss it into the garbage and make room for new products. Old products can harbor bacteria and cause a great deal of acne and aggravation. Toss it and buy new – besides, each season that comes around requires new products to stay on trend, so be sure to stay up to date as often as possible – and choose products appropriate for your particular skin tone.

Women in a beauty store.

Choose Seasonal Color Schemes
If it’s summer, you need to be sure to choose summery colors, such as reds, pinks, berry hues, purples, and other bright colors – not opt for colors that would be best worn in the winter months, such as dark, deep, rich hues. By choosing season-appropriate colors, you will always look your best.

Woman applying makeup.

Practice Makes Perfect
Even if you aren’t very experienced when it comes to applying makeup and you realize you just need a little practice, spending even just 5 minutes in front of your mirror every night before removing your makeup for the day can be crucial to developing the looks you love and want to wear. Sometimes it might take a long time to master a look, while other times it will be quick and painless. Be sure to practice – as practice makes perfect.

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