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Get Ready For Thigh Revealing Shorts & Skirts

Summer means we’re all rocking clothes that are showing our legs. It’s just so much more functional to wear shorts and skirts instead of pants this time of year because, well…it’s hot! It’s normal though, to feel a bit self-conscious about wearing those clothes that show our legs. Especially after we’ve had them hidden throughout the cold winter months. Before you panic, we’re giving you our best tips to get ready for thigh revealing shorts and skirts. This means once you apply these tips you’ll be able to feel confident wearing all those leg revealing clothes that we all know and love for the summer.

Exfoliate Your Legs
Have you been exfoliating your skin? Chances are you already know about exfoliating your face on a regular basis, but now that we’re starting to wear clothes that show our legs that area of our bodies needs a little exfoliating care as well. Dry brushing and exfoliating scrubs are perfect for getting the dead skin off your legs after they’ve been cooped up throughout the winter. Not only does exfoliating help to remove those dead skin cells, but it will also help you get a closer shave when you shave your legs throughout the summer. Make it a habit to exfoliate your legs, and your entire body, 2-3 times a week to get the blood circulation going and keep the surface of your skin free of pesky problems.

Two women in shorts

Practice Healthy Shaving Habits
Naturally, shaving and keeping those legs nice and smooth is a big part of getting your legs ready for revealing clothing. It’s not enough to just shave as quickly as you can to get it done and over with, at least not if you want truly smooth and flawless looking legs. Before you get started with shaving your legs, it’s time to stop just using soap and water. Using the basics like that tend to lead to nicks and cuts in the legs, and you’re not getting that smooth finish. Instead, stick to shaving cream to moisturize your skin and allow you to get a much closer shave. And we know you’re probably guilty of using a razor a little past its prime. Sound like you? To really get a close shave, you need to use a razor that’s nice and sharp. Dull razors lead to a lot of problems, all of which won’t leave you feeling as confident as you’d like.

Add Leg Exercises to Your Routine
Now that it’s summer and your legs are going to be exposed in some of your favorite looks, switching up your workout routine a bit can be a great boost. Adding some leg-specific exercises to your usual workout regimen is going to give you the ability to build some definition in your leg and leave you feeling incredibly confident in your favorite summer clothes. Mixing in exercises like squats, lunges and leg presses are some of our favorite leg-specific exercises to add in-to give you a little inspiration!

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