Glam Gloves for the Cold

Women wearing stylish gloves

Gloves have been around a very long time–dating back as far as to the 10th century. Archeologists have found hand coverings in the form of sacks minus the fingers in 21st Dynasty Egyptian pyramids. Some of these were found, made of the finest silk, and with exquisite hand-sewn detailing and precious pearls. The truth be told, most women would be perfectly happy if long, above the elbow, Cinderella-inspired ball gown gloves were still the norm. On the other end, the dramatic look of gloves with cut out fingertips offers another form of more bold and spirited cool style. Since the very first gloves came into being, they have been used for a number of purposes, such as to communicate status, perform ceremonies and customs, symbolically featured and exhibited in various forms of dress. They’ve also been worn for protection of the hands engaged in different risks posed by job details.

Glove-Making, as an Industry
It was during the 1100s when a demand for leather gloves necessitated the establishment of glove-making companies that produced their product under a scrutinous rule and closely associated with the government. During the mid 14th century, Glovers were highly esteemed and in much demand over all of Europe. The process of designing the gloves of those times in some ways resembled the intensity of creativity applied to today’s technology. New sources for unique skins and fabrics were big business, as well as an always burgeoning effort to surpass decorative details and crafting. Some gloves were even given specific scents that characterized them.

Swan Song of the Short White Glove
It was not too long ago that white, short gloves were expected attire components of every well-dressed woman around. And one can only imagine how, by the end of the day, these gloves would reveal evidence of everything they’d come in contact with by looking pretty dirty. Sometime during the 1960s rebellion against tradition, gloves could no longer hold their place, and they have never returned to the position of prominence once given them in society.

Gloves for Today
Today we find gloves to have retained their importance in a wide range of occupational fields, and while they’re no less able to add distinction when worn with different types of outfits, uniforms and styles, they are not the commonplace hand covers that they once were, and it’s highly unlikely that they’ll ever return to that position. Many styles of gloves are included to pull off several haute couture looks, but generally, the main reason you’ll see any woman wearing gloves is twofold: First, they’re wholly utilitarian, being the best way to keep hands warm and dry during the chilly to frigid temps of winter. The second component of contemporary glove-wearing reasons has to do with appearance alone, as they can easily change up any style and just kick it onto a new level.

For such a diminutively sized component of attire, gloves can surely set you back a nice chunk of change. Today’s gloves are primarily leather, faux leather, fleece and knitted. Thanks to SmartPhones, you should discover that even the less expensive knitted gloves will come equipped to allow texting and other performances requiring nimble fingers. These might be in the form of one or more fingertips (and always at least the index finger,) featuring an attached texting-compliant material like very thin leather or such. There are all types of women’s gloves featuring texting supportive styling, in ribbed knits, satins, silks and leathers. Generally, you won’t find any high-end dress gloves with those special tips–yet.

Stylish Variety Abounds This Year
2015-2016 gloves are sold in every imaginable size, with some cool styles of fingerless glove wear that include above-the-elbow lengths, block-ribbing and wonderfully fun patterns of metallic studding for distinctive style. Mittens still retain their place, although they’ll not be likely to find their way into the dressier couture world. There are a myriad of mitten-inspired hand-warming creations that, just like their fingerless glove counterparts, serve as fingerless mittens, with only two holes–one for the thumb, and the other, larger hole for all four fingers. Game changing designs rock the long gloves market, with not only fingerless options but also gloves that feature long, length running zippers, for putting on and taking off.

Off the Cuff
You won’t be seeing as much of the furry cuffs as in previous years, with a lot more simplistic lines that convey quiet elegance. Some gloves are featuring unique cuffs that can be fully extended to a longer effect, and can be folded over and shortened easily. In place of those furry cuffs, look for some trendy wrist-bound statements, like oversized bows for fun and flair. There will be many forms of fringe attached to every length, in straight seamed attachments, as well as at the cuffs and some, diagonally running.

Retro Inspiring and New Colors
Lambskin is the most wonderful and oh so soft, ultra thin glove material, and it’s big this year, and can feature the once prominent and now that retro elegance detailing found at the inner wrist, with covered button fastening style worn by early Hollywood beauties Grace Kelly and Audrey H. Orange is going to be the go-to color, followed by a forest green that will integrate with practically anything. Rabbit Fur makes its way into linings and woven varieties in a comfy, warm way.

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