Goth Style

Goth is a lifestyle that encompasses many aspects, but the style and fashion that goes along with the culture is the largest outward expression. There are many types of goth styles, from punk goth to Victorian and modern goth. Whatever your style is, or whatever style you’re looking to emulate, here’s a list of tips to help you get the look.

Woman with goth makeup

Hair and Makeup
Two of the most important keys to the goth style are hair and makeup. Both guys and girls can get away with wearing makeup in the goth culture, so get your brushes, lipstick, and eyeliner ready. Dark black or very deep red lipstick with a pale base on your face and a touch of eyeliner and eye shadow are keys to the look. Depending on how goth you want to go, you can also get a little more extreme with the makeup (think Marilyn Manson). For hair, there are a million ways you can go, but the most classic look is jet-black hair. Dark red can look great too, as can dark green or even platinum blonde. If you don’t want to go all one color, think about adding some streaks of color to your hair, or wearing colored extensions.

Woman wearing a black dress.

If you’re after a more refined look, you might be best suited with a nice velvet jacket with some leather pants, and a Victorian style shirt. Black leather pants can work great with any style, and you can swap out the velvet jacket for a leather one for an edgier look. If leather pants aren’t your thing, you can always go for black jeans, or fishnet stockings to change things up.

If boldly obvious is your style, nothing scream goth like a t-shirt from your favorite Goth band. A nice graphic tee goes great under a leather jacket and ripped black jeans. Check vintage shops for some great deals on older shirts from concert tours. Some worn-in vintage shirts in your wardrobe never hurt!

Woman wearing black boots.

For footwear, there’s nothing more classic than a pair of black army boots. Girls can choose between a regular high-top boot or a knee-high boot for an even heftier fashion statement. Guys tend to wear a normal work boot or army boot like Dr. Martens.

Woman holding a black purse.

A great thing about the goth style is that you can accessorize with a multitude of cool options. A black leather (or pleather) purse or clutch with a skull motif, or one of those great backpack with soft spikes both scream goth. Some punk goth styles include spiked bracelets or necklaces, usually chokers, or even spikes on your boots. Skulls, dragons, spiders, and snakes are all classic goth motifs, and can be found in everything from charms to earrings.

Now that you have the basics, get out there and rock that goth style!

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