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When it comes to Glam inspo, nobody does it better than Gwen Stefani, with her platinum pony, perfect body and Stefani-styled signature attitude. The girl can rock some heels better than most, and her flair for selecting out-of-the-box styles that never fail to impress and set the trends to come. She knows how to take the same ensembles and create them as excellent transition pieces to smoothly flow from daytime errand-running with baby in tow, to performing to a packed stadium.

Get Gwen’s Makeup Look

  • Eyes-Wise: One of the standout features that define Gwen are those large, brown eyes of hers, that she works the cat eye thing on, with absolute five-star precision. The liner look belongs all to her, but it’s one that anyone can have with a little study and practice. Lately, her eyes have exploded in drama, for sure.
  • Gwen’s Shadow: Urban Decay teamed up with Gwen Stefani to create a limited-edition eyeshadow palette under her name. After countless hours of exploration at Gwen’s house, they came up with the palette details, with amazing shades. Inspo for the shades came from Gwen sharing the exact shades she always wanted to have in her own personal collection, which ultimately produced her 15 must-have eyeshadow shades. An insane volume of neutrals and some glam jewel tones together make your Gwen Stefani look complete. Even the case was Gwen’s design, inspired by her adoration of B&W printed graphics and gold antique accents. The names of each shade were set by her—mostly from her songs, like the No Doubt “Magic’s in the Makeup” that embellishes the huge mirror inside. All shades are pigment-infused, for amazing staying power and a super velvety finish.
  • Gwen Liner: Makeup artist to the Celebs Mary Phillips loves doing Gwen’s makeup, and she shares that she got her inspiration for Gwen’s dramatic graphic eyes from the late, glamorous Sharon Tate. The look included a cut-crease brownish liner across the lid. Gwen’s new liner effect is much more shape specific, and sometimes even made heavier than the lash line itself. Other celebs to rock this look were Twiggy, and even Greta Garbo during the 1930s. For every day, this one’s a bit over the top, but great for those special events, and you can tone it down for your daytime go-to, easily.
  • Gwen’s Red Lips—Where Have They Gone? While hitched with Gavin Rossdale, red was Gwen’s signature lip color for at least those 13 years. As her news of a romantic tryst with Blake Shelton developed into more of a lasting thing, Gwen’s lips made a huge transition from red to pale-styled nudes and pink shades, with and without liner. While she is certainly looking much different—and no less glam—with the nude lip thing, she has been spotted out and about with her old pal, red.
  • Stephani-Inspired Tresses: In the very first realm of Gwen Stephani’s hair looks, it’s got to be platinum—all the way, and Gwen keeps her tresses longer now than in earlier times. She trades her trademark ponytail in for some big, loose waves whenever she gets the notion. With the only other colors she’s sported being blue and pink, Gwen is pretty set on never going back to her natural color, and also pretty confident that she would never go strictly black with her hair color. To look for a single Gwen Stefani hairstyle would net a big, fat “nada,” as there is surely not any possible form of hair styling that this diva hasn’t tried. And she’s got the structure, the bones, and the je ne Sais pas to pull every single one of them off, and rock each one at the top. From her slick bun appeal to a longer platinum-beset Lauren Bacall do, the 45-year-old Gwen makes each one her own, beautifully.

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