Halloween Pet Costumes

Pet costume

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If you were to ask a significant number of people about Halloween, how they celebrate it, and what they look forward to the most–regardless of their age–the responses would probably fairly evenly divided between ones that indicate a strong preference for the candy, and the rest claiming the wide world of costume options as their favorite. All in all, it’s fairly safe to say that the two go neck in neck, and without either, the holiday just would not fly. As this fun time of colorful celebration once again draws near, Halloween candy sales are booming, in preparation for becoming generous handouts to a myriad of visiting ghouls, ghosts, superheroes, princesses and skeletons that will be visiting on All Hallow’s Eve.

To Go Trick-or-Treating, or Not to Go Trick-or-Treating–That is the Question
For Halloween enthusiasts of all ages the eternal Oct. 31 dilemma has always remained the same: whether to stay home to distribute candy to trick or treaters, or to depart from home, to celebrate by either doing the door to door routine with the kids, or making a grand, costumed entrance at a really kicking Halloween party. While there are no easy answers to this question that each of us will have to answer for ourselves, there are some things we can do to have even more fun, staying at home or going out. One of the best is to include “Fido” or “Kitty Purry” in every bit of the action. There’s never been a better selection of pet costumes, either. You might do your pet costume shopping in a brick-and-mortar style, online, or you might even come up with a fabulous concept to pull off, DIY style!

Consider This
Now, most dogs will more than likely get into the spirit of being costumed as something new, but this will depend on the dog’s comfort and limitations while wearing the “look.” Pet costumes need to be free of any parts or materials that could be chewed, swallowed or harmful to others, and of course, 100% non-toxic. Inspect the costume while on your pet to make sure that it doesn’t cut into, rub or otherwise pose as injurious to him or her. And if you plan on taking your pet out and about, make sure you bring along plenty of water for him or her to drink, especially when you’re in an area that is warm or fairly temperate at this time of year. Wearing the costume will most likely require them to drink more.

Halloween Cats and More
One would think that, especially as cats are part of the overall Halloween theme, cats would join in the merriment without pause (paws?) but stop. While you’ll have even more costuming options for your kitty (as Build-a-Bear Clothing works well for cats, too,) it is strongly advisable that you first do a trial run before you spend any money on a Halloween cat costume. Borrow, invent or somehow manage to “dress” your cat in something, and then observe how he or she behaves, consequently. And at this point, nothing more needs saying, with regard to cats and dressing them up, Halloween or no. Bottom line? Some will, and some won’t–and there’s no middle ground. Now if your little darling is a reptile, amphibian, invertebrate, insect, avian-related or other, your best choice for a “ready-to-wear Halloween costume will be to peruse the Internet, followed by a probably necessary DIY effort.

Last Thought
Know what your pet might do, and at all times, keep your pet contained in a fashion that would never allow for anyone to get injured. And never, ever make the “Oh, he doesn’t bite.” mistake. Many before you have had to swallow those words, with a couple attorneys to help out.

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