Handbag Heaven – Who Has This Season’s Most Coveted Purses?

Woman with handbags

Your handbag can make or break your outfit. The right handbag can make you look put together and chic. The wrong handbag can make you look frumpy and dated.

Every season, a new crop of handbag designs debuts, just like the new fashions that are presented on the runways. We’re really excited about some of the new handbags we’ve seen this season. Here are the top designers that we think should be on your radar:

Loeffler Randall
Loeffler Randall is creating everything from clutches to totes in fun colors and fabrics that are flirty and modern. One of our favorites is the pony-hair clutch that has a black body with asymmetrical polka dots and a natural flap with tiny, black polka dots ordered in straight lines. The pattern creates an interesting contrast, and the fabric is a unique choice that you don’t see all the time.

Bold, geometric designs and high-quality fabrics are this designer’s trademark. We love the “untitled clutch,” which features a cathedral blue exterior with gold trim. The clutch has a sharp, pentagonal design that sets it apart from the standard clutch fare. The structured design also offers more security for the contents and makes it easier to carry.

Deux Lux
Roomy totes and duffels are this designer’s calling card. We love the Greenwich Weekender from the collection. The duffel features a black, woven faux leather exterior accented with bright orange trim and handles. It’s the perfect combination of boho and chic that is so popular right now.

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham continues to prove just how posh she is with her own designs. The Quincy Bag impressed us the most from her latest round of offerings. The structured tote has a natural cloth exterior wrapped by high-quality leather trim and handles. The clean lines create a polished look that will update anything you wear.

Michelle Vale
Michelle Vale specializes in eco-friendly totes that are just as good for fashion as they are the environment. These totes combine linen and metallics for an interesting contrast. Some also include faux animal skins and unique patterns. The totes make a bold statement in their stylish simplicity and their eco-conscious design.

Rebecca Minkoff
Clutches, backpacks, and satchels in a variety of leathers and with flowing fringe mark the new arrivals for this noted designer. We love the brown leather clutch that features just a hint of fringe. It has plenty of top stitching, metal accents, and numerous pockets, creating a stylish look that also incorporates practicality. It’s great for everyday use as well as travel.

Fashion is about much more than knowing what trends are hot; you also need to know what designers are hot. Keep your eye on the right people, and you’ll always know what’s in style before anyone else. These are some of the top handbag designers right now, and we’re sure you’ll find something in their latest line that you’ll love.

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