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Help Your Skin Glow Between Facials

Heading in to the spa for regular facials can be a major game changer for your skin’s health and appearance. If you’re an avid facial treatment enthusiast you know there’s nothing quite like that glow you have after getting a facial from a pro. We all want to find ways to hold onto that gorgeous glow for as long as possible, but it doesn’t always seem to last as long as we’d like. That is, until now! We’ve discovered some pretty great tips to help your skin glow between facials, and we’re sharing them with you!

Start Drinking More Water
Seriously though, are you drinking enough water throughout the day? Chances are you’re not truly getting as much water as your body and skin needs. You hear about it all the time from skin care and beauty experts (probably here if you follow us regularly), but it’s time to really get serious about how much water you’re drinking on a regular basis. Drinking more (or enough) water on a regular basis can really help you to maintain and achieve that healthy glow in your skin between your facials. The truth is your skin needs moisture and hydration to achieve a glow, so when we’re not drinking enough it’s pretty difficult to achieve.

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Make Sleep A Priority
We realize we probably don’t need to tell you to get sleep, you know that sleeping is an essential part of a human being’s needs. However, we live in a society that really struggles to actually get enough sleep every night. It’s been said that sleep disorders are one of the quickest growing health struggles in our society today, because we’re all constantly on the go and really having a difficult time turning off to catch some zz’s. While we’re right there with you, if you want to help your skin glow between facials you need to make sleep a higher priority on your list of needs. Sleep plays a much bigger role than feeling rested. When we’re asleep our bodies essential work to repair and replenish themselves to maintain our health and damage. You’ve probably noticed when you’re not getting enough sleep your skin begins to look dull in appearance–because your body isn’t getting that recovery time. Want that glow? You’ve got to start getting more sleep on a consistent basis.

Use Specialty Masks and Exfoliating Sources
Masks and exfoliating products are much more powerful to our skin’s appearance, glow and health than many of us really want to admit. While yes, it is an added step in your skin care routine, they can really make a difference when you’re working on getting a glow between facials. Exfoliating helps to keep your skin super clean and free of dead skin cells that can put a damper on getting that glow in your skin. Additionally, specialty masks can be great at really giving your skin that extra boost it needs to maintain its health and give you that glow. Make it a point to exfoliate and use masks 1-2 times a week and you’ll be sure to have a gorgeous glow.

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