Help Your Skin Heal After A Tattoo

Planning to get a new tattoo soon? Anytime you consider getting a tattoo, the majority of your prep time is thinking about the design you’re going to get. However, the healing process after getting the tattoo is incredibly important to ensuring the outcome is positive. We know it’s easy to think about the actual tattoo, rather than the process that occurs after you’ve gotten your design inked. If you’re getting ready for a new tattoo you’re in luck because we’re here to help your skin heal after a tattoo in the best way possible. Don’t worry, we’re going to tell you HOW.

Swap Out The Ointment
It’s said that the majority of tattoo artists apply an ointment called A+D Ointment on the tattoo after it’s been completely designed. It’s a great ointment to assist with the healing process of a tattoo, however when this particular ointment is used for too long of a period of time it can cause some irritation on the skin. Most experts suggest only using this particular ointment for a maximum of 3 days after you’ve gotten your tattoo and then switching to an ointment that isn’t medicated to give your skin a break and prevent any irritation from resulting.

Keep Your Skin Covered
Right after you get your tattoo, it’s essential that you keep the bandage on your skin to keep the area well protected for enough time. We get it, you want to show off your new body art but you can run the risk of infection and other skin irritations when you remove the bandage too early. The amount of time necessary for the bandage to be on the skin depends on the actual tattoo, speaking to your tattoo artist about the suggested amount of time for your particular tattoo is going to ensure that you’re well versed in your case. That being said, it’s common to need the bandage on the skin for 3-4 hours but some tattoos need more time.

Clean The Area
After you remove the bandage from your skin in the requested amount of time, it’s suggested that you clean the area. Keeping your new tattoo clean throughout the healing process is what’s going to really help you to have a positive healing experience for your tattoo. Stay away from hot water, as it will definitely burn and be too harsh for your skin that’s just been tattooed. Luke warm water is best as it won’t cause any harsh reactions on your skin. Additionally, most experts suggest the only type of product you should use when washing your tattoo is anti-bacterial soap that doesn’t contain any scent and is in liquid form. This is going to be the most gentle option on your skin, but also provide the cleansing benefit to the area as needed. As you continue the healing process with your tattoo, keeping all the products you use very gentle and free of scents is going to be ideal. You’re also going to want to avoid spending a lot of time in the water.

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