He’s Got the Moves

Channing Tatum

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

Women everywhere have gone crazy over Channing Tatum.  Not only is he a stunning human being, but he has dance moves like we’ve never seen in movies before.  It’s no surprise Channing has made his mark in the movie world in many dance-based films.  He has incredible natural talent, sharing that prior to being cast in the dance movie Step-Up he had no formal training in dance.  That’s right, it was all natural ability!

Although Channing didn’t have formal training in dance prior to his first major movie role as a dancer in Step Up, he has said in many interviews that he has loved dancing his entire life.  Sharing that he would dance with older women who knew how to dance, just so he could try to learn and it seems his passion and determination paid off because he’s now graced the screen of many dance-related movies busting moves that look like those of dancers who have been formally trained for many years.

Since Channing has really stepped out and become so well known for his natural dancing abilities, he continues to get cast in dance-based movies.  Not only has his career changed a bit, but his body has too.  Women everywhere drool as they watch Channing dance across their television screen.  Since he’s ramped up and taken on more dance-roles his body has become longer and leaner.  Very common traits of dancer’s bodies, so it’s really no surprise that Channing’s body has developed into this shape. After all, he has shared that while preparing for dance roles, he goes to the dance studios multiple times a week to practice.

Channing has shared in many interviews that although he didn’t have formal dance training, he was incredibly open and excited to learn how to dance and make sure he was hitting the moves the right way.  He made the connection between knowing your body and your mind to connect the two in order to create and do the dances in the way they needed to be done.  But it’s his natural ability and according to Step Up producers his ability to move “like water” that has landed Channing multiple roles in movies playing different dancers.  If you’ve ever seen one of his dancing movies, you know he does have a unique ability to dance as in a way that seems so effortless and fluid.

It’s no shocker to know that women everywhere go crazy over Channing between his looks and his dance moves, he’s really got women swooning over him.  The fact that he has so much natural ability for dancing shows why he’s continued to show and wow viewers of his movies every time he dances.  It’s clear Channing has a true passion for dancing, it should be interesting to see what he does next in the dancing world/movie arena.  Until then… women will continue dropping their jaws as they watch Magic Mike and Step Up.

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