Highlights from Victoria’s Secret Show

This time of year is not just synonymous with the holiday season…not anymore…not since the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has taken place every year around this time.  It’s the time of year where women everywhere develop a love/hate relationship with the epic fashion show.  Let’s face it, watching STUNNING models walk down the runway is both amazing, but also leaves us a bit envious.  Regardless, it’s always great for entertainment and it really is full of amazing performances, models and  of course…insane lingerie looks that leave us wondering HOW the models seem to make them look so effortless.  If you missed the show, or haven’t had a chance to watch it, we thought we would do the honors of sharing some of the highlights from Victoria’s Secret Show.

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The Location
Let’s start by saying the location of the show this year was….incredible.  This year’s show was held in Paris at the Grand Palais which is located between the Seine and the Champs Elysee – so basically in the heart of Paris.  The Grand Palais is actually known as a pretty epic steel and glass atrium that is just jaw dropping.  Naturally, a location like this is a highlight in itself.

There Was a Record of Diversity This Year
It’s no secret (pun intended) that the fashion industry is still working its way to really including a more diverse range of models.  But it’s getting there (positive thoughts).  It was really exciting to see the biggest inclusion of diversity in this year’s show.  Specifically with Asian models, there wasa record number of four Asian models walking down the runway at this year’s show.  This is DEFINITELY a highlight because we’ve seen so much progression in the fashion industry in the past year, and while there’s still a long way to go – this is a great start.  Especially with a show that has this much publicity around it.

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The Performances Were Top Notch
Every year at the Victoria’s Secret show the performances are really incredible, this year was no disappointment.  There were performances by Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and The Weeknd – all of which really nailed their performances and brought their own twist to the show that really made it one to remember that much more.

There Was That Awkward Run-In With an Ex
In recent celebrity news, it’s been said that Bella Hadid and The Weeknd recently ended their relationship.  Which may have led to an awkward encounter when The Weeknd performed and his ex, Bella Hadid took the runway at that very time.  Essentially, he was serenading his ex-girlfriend while performing – a bit of an awkward encounter, right?

The $3 Million Dollar Bra
Every year at the show Victoria’s Secret has over the top lingerie looks for the models, and typically there’s one SUPER over the top look.  This year it was the bra reportedly worth a staggering $3 million.  Model, Jasmin Tookes was the lucky lady to strut this year’s fantasy bra down the runway.  The bra was coated in diamonds and emeralds, along with around 9,000 gemstones.

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