How Hand Washing Can Improve Your Skin

Are you always looking for ways to improve your skin?  We’re right there with you!  It seems like there are always new and improved tips and ideas that people and experts are finding can help improve our skin, and if you’re like us – you’re all ears.  Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and the most visible organ.  Since our skin is exposed, we have to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to help keep it as healthy and vibrant as possible.  We thought we would chat about how hand washing can improve your skin, because while it’s a daily habit you may not be fully aware as to all the ways it can help improve your skin.

One of the most valid and important reasons that hand washing can improve your skin, is by helping to stop the spread of germs and bacteria.  If you really think about it, our hands and skin in general are exposed to a wide range of germs and bacteria on a daily basis.  Since we’re always touching things and ourselves, our hands are carriers of a lot of these things.  Washing our hands helps to eliminate a lot of these germs and bacteria from spreading.  And let’s face it, we tend to touch our face and other parts of our body/skin throughout the day so when we don’t wash our hands we’re spreading those germs and bacteria to other parts of our skin – not doing ourselves any favors there.

woman washing hands

Since many of us know the importance of washing our face on a daily basis, it makes sense that those same principles apply to the skin on our hands.  Our skin, all over our bodies, are exposed to different environmental factors that can cause signs of aging and other skin care struggles to arise.  By washing our hands on a regular basis, we’re able to cleanse out a lot of that ‘stuff’ to help keep our skin healthy and happy from a lot of the things that can cause damage.

Not to mention, our hands tend to be one of the areas that are said to show signs of aging first–so we want to ensure that we’re taking care of our hands properly!  Additionally, since we do use our hands so much they tend to take a beating with everything that we use them for on a daily basis.  Anytime we’re focusing on washing and cleansing an area of our skin, we’re much more likely to begin paying attention to that area.  Since the hands tend to be so forgotten, washing them more consistently is a great way to help us to make more of an effort to take care of the skin on our hands. This is done by eliminating the bad stuff that our skin is exposed to and by just being aware as to when our hands may need more moisture or care in other ways as well.

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