How to Choose a Prom Dress

Choosing the right prom dress can be liked to choosing the right wedding dress. Both are extremely important choices for important days of your life that you will never forget. Just because you like a dress, though, doesn’t mean it’s the dress for you. Lionesse has put together a few tips to help you know how to choose the right prom dress for you, that you not only love, but that flatters your body type to help you look your best.

Body type image

Know Your Body Type
Learning your body type is essential to knowing the kinds of clothes you should wear, or what will look good on you. As stated above – an important lesson to learn in life for any lady – just because you love an article of clothing, doesn’t quite mean it will look right on you. Certain styles of clothing look better on certain people. By knowing your body type, you will have an easier time finding the type of dress that works well for you. There are different body types, and the names that follow detail each body type:

  • Hourglass
  • Inverted Triangle
  • Ruler
  • Triangle
  • Circle, otherwise known as Apple

Woman choosing a dress at a fashion boutique.

Know What Styles Look Good on You
After deciphering what body type you have, you can then choose the type of style that looks good on your particular body type. If you need help making that decision, you can ask the knowledgeable staff at your favorite department store, as these ladies and gentlemen are typically trained in helping select the perfect cut and style for each individual that passes through the doors. You can also do some research of your own online, looking up dress styles that complement your body type naturally.

Woman purchasing a dress at a fashion store.

Choose a Color that Flatters Your Skin Tone
Just because you love that pastel blue dress, doesn’t mean it’s a complementary color for your skin tone. Choosing a color that suits your skin is just as important as the type of dress you choose. If you have light to fair skin, the pastel blue dress would work wonderfully, as would nearly any other pastel color or even a bold red. If you have medium skin, opt for reds, oranges, blacks, browns, greens, or blue. And for those with dark skin, you will want to opt for reds, oranges, purples, greens, or blues.

Over the top prom dress style

Don’t Go Over the Top
Although prom is quite a special occasion, you will want to refrain from wearing anything that will cause too much attention. If your mom wouldn’t approve, don’t do it. Likewise, if the dress is too flashy, it might cause the wrong kind of attention. That leads us to our next point – stay classy.

Beautiful and classy prom dress

Keep it Classy
Keeping your look sleek, glamorous, and classy is so important. Choosing to look classy and not trashy is always a good look. You want to look pretty and exquisite – and you can. Choose your dress color and style carefully, and choose an appropriate length for your age, and you can’t go wrong. Also – be sure to keep everything tucked away in its respective place. Cleavage has no place at the prom, girls!