How to Clean Your Beauty Tools

We all know how expensive makeup and makeup accessories are, so anything we can do to make our beauty tools last as long as possible not only saves us money, but also time. Not to mention, sometimes finding a replacement for that perfect makeup brush is no easy task. So instead of tossing those tools away, let’s look at some ways to clean them and make them last.


The most common beauty tool, and one of the dirtiest in any bathroom is a hairbrush. Lucky for us, cleaning a hairbrush is easier than one might think. Once the bristles get loaded up with all of that dead hair, removing it can be made simpler with one simple tool: scissors. Simply cut the hair in a few places, making it easier to remove. Once you get all of the hair out, you still have some dirt and gunk to get rid of, and here’s another genius tip: soak the brush in warm water and baby shampoo. If it’s really, and I mean really dirty, you can take an old toothbrush and scrub the dirt away. Voila! Clean hairbrush! One step further, if scissors just are not cutting it (pardon the pun) try taking a long-toothed metal fork and gently raking the hair out of the brush from the base, upward. You will end up with a good sized “nest” of hair in the end and a completely clean, undamaged brush.

Sanitizing Brushes
While you have the baby shampoo out, get those makeup brushes ready for a cleaning as well. Place a few drops of the shampoo in a small bowl, or even in the palm of your hand, add some water, and gently massage the water into the bristles. After you rinse the brush, you can dry it by laying it on a flat surface with the brush hanging off the edge. Try to wash your brushes once a week for best results.

Makeup sponge.

Makeup Sponges
If you’ve taken to the new trend of using makeup sponges, you know how they get gunked-up pretty quickly. You might throw yours away once this happens, but you don’t have to! Use a small amount of sulfate-free soap, wet your sponge, and rub it into the soap to get it a little sudsy. Rinse, squeeze, and repeat.

Metal Make-up Tools
For all of the metal beauty tools in our arsenal, you can use a little rubbing alcohol, a cotton swab or Q-tip and wipe off the makeup buildup. This works for tweezers, eyeliner sharpeners, eyelash curlers, nail clippers and more. These won’t need to be cleaned as often as brushes and sponges, but it’s a simple task that will improve their life. The rubbing alcohol also helps sterilize the surfaces, which helps keeps those nasty germs away.

So there you have it, some simple cleaning methods for all those beauty tools you use every day!

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