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How to Give Your Skin a Massage

If you have ever been for a facial, you will have likely noticed that this usually comes with a gentle skin massage.


Because the act of massaging the skin brings about a number of different skin-boosting benefits, making this something well worth doing yourself at home on a regular basis.

The Benefits of a Skin Massage

Before learning about the different ways in which you can give your skin a massage, it always helps to first understand why this is so important. 

So, what are the benefits of giving your skin a massage?

Here are a few:

  • Boosts Circulation –  a massage increases blood flow, meaning that your skin, and the rest of your body, is able to receive oxygen and nutrients at a much quicker rate. This not only keeps it healthier, but also wakes it up, making it much more receptive to any products you apply on to it afterwards
  • Relieves Tensiontense muscles anywhere on the body can end up causing pain, but when it comes to your face, tense muscles also quickly lead to wrinkles. A massage can help to relax your facial muscles, preventing these lines from forming
  • Anti-Aging Benefitsas mentioned above, massaging the skin increases blood flow, which then increases the production of collagen in your body. Collagen is the protein responsible for keeping your skin smooth and firm, meaning that a massage can help to maintain a youthful appearance
  • Reduces Puffiness there are certain massage techniques that help to stimulate drainage within the body, therefore reducing any puffiness, such as with the area underneath the eyes

Now that you know the benefits behind giving your skin a massage, here are a few techniques to try out…

A Massage for Minimizing Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes can sometimes be tough to clear, but a massage will often do the job immediately.

Begin by placing some eye cream onto the pads of each index finger. Then, using a soft pressure, place your fingers at the corner of each eye and move them up towards your brow bone/ the outer corner of your eye.

Slowly move your fingers around your brow bone until you are back at the inner corners.

Don’t be tempted to try doing this in the other direction…


Because this direction will help to push any excess fluid away from your eyes.

You need to do ten rotations in total, placing a slightly deeper pressure onto your skin with the last few rotations.

Prefer to prevent rather than cure?

Try doing this massage at night before you go to bed, to prevent any puffiness from forming in the first place.

A Massage for Firming Up Your Jawline

Sagging skin along the jawline is extremely common, and there is actually quite an easy fix to this.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Place both of your thumbs underneath the point of your chin
  • Place your index fingers at the base of your skin
  • Gently make tiny pinching motions along your jawline
  • Once you reach your ears, reverse your direction and move back towards your chin

While it is important to be gentle, you do still need to apply quite a firm pressure.


Because this massage helps to unclog the lymph nodes that lie underneath the skin here, which then reduces sagging.

How often should you do this for best effects?

After doing the massage five times in a row, you will likely already notice a difference. To keep this up, repeat the massage about twice a week.

A Face Lift Massage

Just a simple massage can help to bring you some of the effects that a face lift would, such as tighter skin and cheekbones that are more defined.

Want to experience these results?

Give this massage a try…

  1. Begin by rubbing a small amount of product, such as a moisturizer, over your hands, distributing it evenly.
  2. Press your fingertips between your eyebrows, and then slide these upwards towards your forehead. Repeat this as many times as needed until you have covered your entire forehead.
  3. Next, place your fingertips at the center of your face, and then gently massage them outwards, using slow, circular motions. Bring your fingers past your cheeks, stopping at your ears.
  4. Once you get to your ears, drop your fingers down slightly and repeat the process. Keep doing this until you reach your neck.
  5. With your neck, move your fingers down to your collarbone, and then massage these upwards using gentle, vertical strokes.

A Stress-Relieving Massage

Stress can really take its toll on your skin, due to the hormone called cortisol that is released into your body whenever it experiences feelings of stress. When it comes to your skin, this leads to everything from acne to wrinkles, and can also cause havoc with your overall health as well. 

Do you experience quite a bit of stress on a regular basis?

If so, try this stress-relieving massage a couple of times a week:

  • Apply some product to your hands and fingers, distributing it evenly
  • Use your fingertips to gently massage underneath your ears, as well as along your jaw, since this is where tension and tight muscles often build up. Use wide, circular motions, pressing in more firmly in areas that feel particularly tight. Do this for a minute
  • Then, using the same type of strokes, massage the sides of your face. Move from your jaw to the corners of your mouth, up to your nose and then along to your cheekbones
  • Move on up to your temples, using a corkscrew motion to massage both temples at the same time. Slide your fingers in to the middle of your forehead and then back out, doing this for about a minute. This can also really help to prevent and reduce tension headaches
  • Next, move down to your nose. Pinch the top of your nose gently, and then slide your fingers down until you reach your nostrils. Repeat this for a minute, or longer if you have sinus tension problems
  • Repeat all of these steps one more time

The Ice Cube Sheet Mask Massage

This massage requires a sheet mask and a couple of ice cubes, and will quickly minimize any puffiness or swelling on your face.

It’s recommended by many medical estheticians.

Sound intriguing?

Begin by applying a sheet mask to your face, adding in a layer of hyaluronic acid underneath this if you want even better results.

Then, wrap a couple of ice cubes up in a thin cotton cloth. Run this across your forehead, down underneath your eyes, over your cheeks and cheekbones, and along your chin, as well as anywhere else where the mask comes into contact with your face. 

Face masks are usually used once or twice a week, so give this massage a try each time you apply a mask.

A Face Brightening Massage

Could your complexion do with some brightening up?

Give this massage a try:

  • Begin with your neck, massaging it deeply, with your fingers anchored just above your collarbone
  • Then, move up to your face, tapping the area around your mouth, before moving back down to your neck
  • Once back at your neck, push your fingers upwards in long strokes, reaching your forehead
  • Move over to the outer corners of your eyes, pushing the skin outwards using long but gentle strokes
  • Move on down to your jaw, running your fingers along it while performing gentle flicking motions. Make sure that your jaw is relaxed to make this step easier 

This massage should be carried out a couple of times a week for best effects.

An Anti-Aging Patting Massage

Fine lines and wrinkles are something that everybody wants to avoid, and this massage technique will help you to keep them at bay for much longer.

Apply some product to your hands, distributing this evenly, and then make sure you are standing straight, with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Leaning forwards slightly, use the bottom side of your fingers to gently pat your face, with your right hand on the right side of your face and your left hand on the left.

Begin with your chin, working your way upwards until you have covered your whole face. This will help to invigorate the skin and boost blood flow, bringing about quite a few anti-aging benefits.

If you plan on giving this massage a try…

Do it first thing in the morning.


Because this is when your circulation naturally slows down, due to the fact that you have been sleeping. Performing a massage first thing in the morning will help to boost it back up, while reducing any puffiness that has been caused from water retention.

Face Massage Tools

Love the idea of massaging your face but would rather not do it yourself?

Well, you don’t have to…

There are so many different facial massage tools out there, and they will bring your skin the same benefits as the massages mentioned above.

Preparing Your Skin For a Massage

Before massaging your skin, it is so important that your skin has been properly cleansed.


Because the surface of your skin will contain a mix of dirt, bacteria, pollutants, oil, dead skin cells, and other unwanted substances. If you do not cleanse these away, you will only end up rubbing these deeper into your skin, leading to inflammation and other problems. 

Clearing all of this away will also leave your skin much more receptive to absorbing the products that you apply during your massage, whether this may be an oil or a cream.

Products to Use When Massaging Your Skin

If you are thinking…

I don’t have the time to spare to massage my skin!

It is easy enough to incorporate a massage into your existing skin care routine. For example, perform a massage around your eyes when applying your eye cream, and do the same with your face when applying your moisturizer. All it will take is a couple of extra minutes.

When it comes to the products you use…

Anything that gives you the extra lubrication will work, but something oil-based is always going to glide across your skin so much more smoothly, whether this may be a cleanser or a serum.

If you are trying to target specific skin care issues, then a plant-based oil could really help, as these impart additional benefits from the plant that they come from. Not only do they provide lubrication to your skin, but they are also packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and more. Do not be afraid to experiment with mixing different oils, so that you can enjoy the benefits of a variety of plants all at once.

Here are a few to consider:

  • Sweet Almond Oil – extremely nourishing and perfect for dry or damaged skin
  • Lavender works as a toner for oily or acne-prone skin, while being gentle enough for sensitive skin
  • Sandalwooda hydrating oil, great for mature skin
  • Orange BlossomNourishing and hydrating, especially for sun-damaged or aging skin
  • Grape Seed Oilnon-greasy and gentle

While taking the time to massage your skin may seem like a bit of a luxury, you will notice the benefits of doing this so quickly, if not immediately. Not only will the appearance of your skin improve, but you will also be taking the steps to boost the health of your skin from within, keeping it looking fresher and younger for longer.


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