How to Know Your Hair Type

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No two hair types are exactly alike, and with so many types out there, how do you determine what type of hair you have? Sure you might know you have curly hair, but is it also frizzy? Thin or thick? Oily, or dry? Maybe it’s more wavy than curly, or maybe it’s thick, tight curls like a Brillo pad? Now that you think about it, there are lot more things to consider than you thought, right? Well, this list should help you determine your hair type for you, which can then help you figure out the best care and maintenance, as well as different hairstyles that suit your type best. Each type of hair is broken down into a number and a letter. Let’s start from 1 and work our way up.

Type 1 – Straight Hair

  • This is the straightest of the straight, think Gwyneth Paltrow, or a baby’s straight thin hair. Unfortunately, this hair doesn’t hold curls well, so you’re pretty much stuck with what you’ve got. But embrace it! Avoid heavy conditioners, and carry a dry shampoo with you the in case of a frizz outbreak.
  • Slightly thicker than 1A, 1B type hair has some volume, and maybe even a little bit of a curl at the end. You’ll probably be able to use a curling iron or curlers with good results.
  • Even thicker still, 1C is on the cusp between straight and wavy. It’s generally thicker hair with some wave to it, but not really curls. You can easily hold curls with this hairstyle, although frizz becomes a major problem.

Type 2 – Wavy Hair

  • Just barely wavy, but still a more pronounced wave than 1C. You can easily straighten the waves for a straight hair look, or accentuate them and go even curlier. Alternatively, let your hair air dry and rock it au-natural!
  • Wave city, think of the ultimate surfer girl, and you’ll know the look of type 2B. This hair is the ultimate amount of waves, not too curly, and not too straight.
  • Even wavier than 2B, this type might even have some small curls thrown in with the waves. Big thick waves abound, and you’re just about to enter curl world.

Type 3: Curly Hair

  • This type of curly hair has curls with the widest diameter, so wide they almost look like waves. 3A hair tends to be full and thick.
  • Think tight little spirals of curls that are heavy and hang down toward your shoulders instead of grow out like the thick hair of 3A.
  • The tightest curls, the thickest hair, and the most prone to frizz. These corkscrew curls can be a pain to maintain, but look great when they’re styled.

To figure out the best look for your hair type, check with a professional – there is no substitute for experience and stylists have pretty much seen it all when it comes to hair. What is YOUR hair type and what are some of your favorite styles that work best with your hair? We would love to hear from you!

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