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How To Look Good When You Feel Less Than Great

We’ve all had times where we needed to look good, but we weren’t feel so great.  Whether it was because you were sick, just getting over a short illness, or any other reason it’s never fun to get that question from peers asking if you’re feeling ok as they pass by you.  You know we’re always all about helping you to make sure you look good and feel good about the way you look, so we’re sharing how to look good when you feel less than great.

Stay Hydrated
One of the most important things to consider when you’re not feeling so great is to make sure that you’re maintaining your hydration levels.  When you’re dehydrated your skin and appearance will often show it.  So staying hydrated can help you to maintain your appearance – even if you’re not feeling so great it will keep your skin glowing and everything else in check.

Treat Your Eye Area
Often times when we’re not feeling so great it can show in our eyes, whether we’re sick, getting over a sickness, or super tired it tends to show in the eye area.  That being said, it’s going to be important to make sure that you spend a little extra time giving your eye area some TLC.  Experts suggest using tea bags to get rid of any puffiness you may have around your eyes.  In addition, keep your eye cream in the refrigerator – it’s been found to help with puffiness and really give your eye area a nice cooling effect that can feel great on your skin, especially when you’re not feeling so great.

Prep Your Skin Before You Apply Makeup
So many of us have the urge to apply a little extra makeup when we’re not feeling so great, to cover up any spots on our skin that may not be looking as great as we’d like.  That being said, it’s essential that you make sure you prep your skin properly before applying makeup to get the most out of your application.  Using a great moisturizer to give your skin extra moisture and hydration is the first step, allow that to soak into your skin thoroughly and then make sure to follow that up with a quality makeup primer to give your skin that added prep.

Don’t Over Apply Makeup
Look, we get it, when you don’t feel good, it can seem like loading up on layers and layers of makeup will help combat the way you’re feeling.  However, you want to resist the urge to apply TOO much makeup as it can actually do the reverse.  Sure, apply a bit of makeup and perhaps a bit more concealer than you may normally.  The key is to make sure that you’re not over doing it.  Chances are when you’re not feeling so great, you may be a bit dehydrated and loading up on too much powder based products can end up looking VERY powdery when your skin is lacking hydration.  Stick to creamy/liquid products to avoid that.

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