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How to Savor the Last Days of Summer

Summer is coming to an end, as much as we hate to say that. After we make our way into August the last few weeks of summer tends to fly by. It’s always a blast to enjoy all of the opportunities that come along with the summer season, but it unfortunately doesn’t last forever. Fortunately, there are some great ways to make the most of the summer before we need to say farewell (until next year, anyways). We’re sharing some of our favorite ideas on how to savor the last days of summer—enjoy!

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Visit the Beach (or Lake)
Wherever you live, there’s probably a lake or beach situation fairly close to you. Now that we’re about to end the summer it’s a great time to plan a day to go visit the beach! Whether you’ve spent some time there this season, or not it’s worth making one last trip there to soak it all up. Make a whole day of it! Bring some of your favorite beach snacks and gather up a group of your friends/family to head there and make the most of the scenery. Don’t worry about planning a bunch of activities, if you’re anything like us just spending the day at the beach is always enjoyable and things seem to work themselves out to keeping everyone occupied.

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Head to the Farmers’ Market
One of the most forgotten benefits of the summer is the abundance of farmers markets. If you live in a climate that tends to have very cold winters, farmers markets are pretty much just a summer thing. This is exactly why heading over to the local farmers market is a great way to savor the last days of summer. Farmers markets are filled with foods that are in season for the summer and generally all local vendors, so you can really feel good about your purchases knowing that you’re supporting a local business AND enjoy food that’s locally sourced. In addition to food, many farmers markets have fresh flowers and other goodies that you can really only enjoy by heading over! Try to head to your farmers market the next few weekends to really savor the summer, before they end!

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Eat Outdoors
Eating outside isn’t something most of us are able to enjoy all year long, which is why it’s an essential way to savor the last days of summer. Whether you’re heading out to enjoy lunch with friends, happy hour drinks, or planning a casual dinner at home it’s all about taking those experiences outside. Try choosing restaurants and bars that offer outdoor seating so you’re able to sit outside and enjoy the weather. If you’re eating at home take the meal outside to the patio or whatever outdoor seating you have. It really helps you to embrace and enjoy the summer weather-before it’s gone for a while.

Of course, add any of your favorite summer activities to this list to do them as often as you can!

What’s your favorite summer activity?

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