How to Style a Blanket Scarf

Being sizeable enough to allow for a lot of invention and creativity, the blanket scarf is a super great way to expand your wardrobe without adding a single thing–that is, if you already have the scarf. These beautiful, voluminous scarves come in a wonderful variety of weaves, colors and prints, and they offer busy women of today a whole lot of options in dressing. Don’t be misled by the moniker–while these lovely accessories could easily double as an effective way to cover up, to warm up in a pinch, the use that fueled their design was as a fashion statement to be worn and enjoyed in a flair gain move. They are that big, though–well at least to be used as a larger baby blanket, at least. They’re warm, snuggly, cozy and oh so comfy and poised to become the “IT” form of fashionably accessorizing for women everywhere this year.

Discover Some Blanket Scarf Tying Versatility
Making a purchase of a blanket scarf is only the beginning of the process, as learning how to tie one in more than one or two ways can be every bit as confounding as figuring out how to tie your shoes–remember that? If you own a blanket scarf or are planning to add one to your wardrobe, take the time to develop some versatility for wearing it, so as you embrace the season, your blanket scarf will effectively embrace you, snugly, warmly and stylishly.

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The Bandana
There could not be any easier method of tying your blanket scarf than this. It’s a great way to do the whole turtleneck, knit tube skirt, tights or leggings thing, too. With an outfit consisting of all fitted forms, introduce some fantastic bump and lump covering appeal by folding over one corner of the square to meet the opposite corner, diagonally. What you will have now is a triangle. With the triangle’s longest edge at the top, and each end held in the corresponding hand, the tip of the triangle should be now pointed toward the floor. Take the two ends in your hands and loosely bring them together behind your neck, and tie ends securely, leaving a minimum of 6 inches of each extending past the knot. You can vary this look by tying the ends closer together, and then arrange the front the way you like it best.

The Shawl
A blanket Scarf makes a highly attractive wrap-shawl. Begin this method by making the diagonal crossover of the two corners, but in this version, you will place the whole triangle behind you, to wrap around your back and you then take same the two ends to the front, where you tie them together at chest level, or you can alternately choose to allow the ends to drape over your arms in a more flirty, casual look.

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The Body Wrap
This one can be sized to fit based on where you place the fold, which rather than being a diagonal crossover, you simply hold the square midair, and fold over the top section to the degree that gives you the length you desire your wrap to be. Generally, you will want the top edge of your wrap to begin just under your arms and extend down to wherever you want your hem to land. Shorter women do best to keep this hemline short, for a good visual. With the top edge folded over and as the inside, unseen portion, place the center of your wrap at the middle of your back and bring the right and left leading edges together, overlapping one edge over the other, and then tuck the overwrap top edge over the other top folded edge. This is a fun look to spruce up by adding a funky, fun belt at waist level, and using it to secure a separated leading edge that reveals your dress, pants or skirt below. A total game-changer for an outfit!

The Standard
Always a fashionable way to stay warm on chilly days, this effect is accomplished by gathering the square lengthwise, until you wind up with a gathered rectangle, with the longer dimension being from left to right. Find the center of the blanket scarf and place it several inches below your neck, directly below your chin, and loosely drape either side over the corresponding shoulder and to the back. Next, one at a time, continue to bring each side around and back to the front, so that what you now have is the center scallop, with the two looped ends dangling off to either side. so easy and so attractive. A different take on this is to tuck in the side piece ends, so you wind up with a more congruent, seemingly infinite looking loop.

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