Ice, Ice Baby! Diamonds That’ll Take Your Breath Away

Woman wearing a diamond ring

Lucky-born are all women whose birthday falls during the fourth month of the year, as the diamond is their birthright–well, at least, it’s their birthstone, whether they own one or not. Nothing but 100% carbon–diamonds are produced by deep heat and pressure from volcanic activity that uniquely binds carbon atoms together. The result is the lauded crystalline structure once believed by ancient Romans and Greeks to be tears cried by the gods.

Unusual Diamond Facts
Diamonds created in laboratories are identical to the naturally-formed ones, and gemologists are unable to differentiate between the two without the use of special equipment for intensive testing, but most women want a real, and not a lab diamond, regardless of the similarity. The world-first account of a diamond component in an engagement ring comes when Austrian Archduke Maximilian presented his intended Mary of Burgundy with a gold ring that featured “M” spelled out of diamonds. In America, diamond engagement rings almost disappeared from the engagement process during the Great Depression, and the price of diamonds all but collapsed. The De Beers cartel managed an effective campaign to reinstate diamonds to their previous status by first publicizing the “4C’s” of cut, carats, color and clarity, along with introducing their new slogan, “A diamond is forever.” Their extensive efforts to single out the diamond as the only acceptable engagement stone choice worked. And the rest is, as they say, history.

Lasting Trends Point to Increased Elegance
In diamond shopping, most jewelers agree that platinum is the metal of choice for setting diamonds. Other popular options include 18 carat yellow or rose gold. Diamonds are cut in round, princess, oval pear, cushion, heart, Asscher, emerald, marquise and radiant formats, with the princess and emerald cuts currently the most requested of all. It is important to take into consideration the ring’s band and how it will pair with the wedding band.

The Most Beautiful Diamonds Today
One of the most lovely engagement rings begins with a center emerald or princess cut diamond set with gorgeous diamond details completely surrounding the diamond and along the face of the band. This particular style can be yours, with a diamond the size of at least 2 carats or more. Diamonds placed on the crown of a center diamond serve to uniquely enhance it and provide an intricate sparkling appeal to become truly breathtaking. New diamond settings radiate elegance, and manage to seamlessly blend modern with traditional styling and classic with contemporary flair. These are what today’s couples are seeking the most, and every one of these delivers its own brand of rich allure for eternity.

Visual Enlargements
You may have noticed the beautiful style of the center round cut diamond that is artistically set in what appears to be a square configuration with rounded corners, which features an unending succession of smaller diamonds. Not only does this setting give the diamond a much larger appearance, but it is also just timelessly gorgeous.

Your Engagement Ring–Your Way
White sapphire and Morganite are more affordable options to include in a setting and band comprised of mostly “diamonds.” The good news is that you have infinite options for designing your engagement ring the exact way you want it, including cut, setting, stones and metal. While white diamonds are generally still the most popular choice for engagement diamonds, a myriad of other colors are available, from pink diamonds to chocolate diamonds, and they are all absolutely gorgeous.

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