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It’s Never Too Late To Learn These Beauty Lessons

Beauty routines are ever-evolving areas of our lives. It’s likely that when you think back to the beauty routine you utilized when you were a teen is quite different once you reach your late twenties and beyond. The great part about our beauty routines is that we are able to change and evolve them as we learn different lessons throughout our lives. There are definitely some lessons we all wish we’d known much earlier in our life. But we’re all about thinking about the positive side of things, and it’s never too late to learn these beauty lessons…

Everyone Need a Great Skin Care Routine
For some reason, many of us tend to feel like those times in our lives when our skin is in a pretty good place we can kind of slack on our routine. But truthfully, it doesn’t matter how great or not great your skin is-having a consistent and well thought out skin care routine is something we all need to keep our skin healthy, happy and looking its best.

Moisturizing Your Skin Isn’t an Option
So many of us tend to skip out on moisturizing our skin during our skin care routine thinking that we don’t really need the additional moisture, or fearing that it may cause breakouts and more oil to produce in the skin. But the lesson here is that we ALL need moisture ALL the time. Our skin needs and craves moisture, if you want your skin to be healthy, youthful and glowing it’s time to make sure you’re always focusing on moisturizing.

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Don’t Over Pluck
It’s not uncommon to hear ladies in their 30’s talk about how much they wish they’d just left their eyebrows alone. As tempting as it may be to pluck your brows at home, resist the urge. Eyebrow trends tend to change but taking drastic measures like plucking for an extended period of time will leave you with very sparse hairs. Instead, go to an eyebrow expert and work with them to create a shape that’s flattering for you and your face shape. This is something to leave to the experts and above all don’t over pluck! Your future self will thank you.

More Isn’t More with Makeup
Ever look back on pictures of yourself when you over did it with the makeup? As much as we admire beauty bloggers and celebs with their full face, more isn’t always more when it comes to makeup. One of the best beauty lessons you can learn is less really is more with makeup. And learning how to highlight your best/favorite features with makeup is a great lesson to learn for yourself.

Find the Right Colors
Speaking of makeup, instead of trying to change your skin color with your foundation and concealer to be drastically different than your natural skin color focus on getting the right colors for you. Foundation and concealer products should be working with you and your skin color, not you trying to force them to work.

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