Keep Skin from Getting Dehydrated During Travel

When you’re traveling, the last thing you are probably thinking about is staying hydrated – whether it be your skin or body. Today, Lionesse would like to point out some of the ways you can keep your skin hydrated as well as your body to avoid the ailments that may follow to have the best time on your trip without the hassles of dry skin.

Woman drinking coconut water in a beach.

Stay Hydrated from the Inside Out
Staying hydrated from the inside out while traveling will no doubt provide your skin with the essential moisture it needs to be it’s beautiful best. While it’s not easy for everyone to throw down 8-12 glasses of water per day, it can be done. If you have a distaste for drinking water and can’t stand the idea of drinking that many glasses of it, let alone one, there are ways around it. Carry a water bottle with you no matter where you go, fill it up with water, and add some natural additives to the water. You can choose to use a small bottle of water flavor additives, which are small enough to keep in your purse, or you can infuse your water with fruit. If you like fruit flavored water, add enough water to a pitcher to incorporate some fruits you like, such as lemons, limes, berries, or even cucumber and mint, and allow the concoction to sit in the refrigerator overnight. By morning, strain out the fruit, and you will have some amazing fruit flavored water that will refresh your palate and body.

If you have an exceptionally difficult time drinking water of any kind, you can also opt for coconut water. Coconut water has been shown to hydrate the body better than regular water alone. Drink up to your heart’s delight – but make sure you choose varieties which are not flavored with added sugar, otherwise your doing more harm than good for your body as sugar can and will dehydrate your skin.

Woman applying body lotion on her feet.

Apply Moisture Creams
When you wake up in the morning and cleanse your face, be sure to apply a healthy dose of moisturizing cream to your entire face, neck, and chest area to keep the skin hydrated. Apply a good body lotion all over your body for the day before setting out to explore your surroundings. At nighttime after you’ve returned to your hotel, be sure to take a shower, re-apply your lotion, and cleanse the face from any cosmetic products you used throughout the day. Follow your nightly cleanse up with a night cream to provide plenty of moisture to the face and neck before bed and while you sleep.

Woman applying lip balm.

Keep Lips Hydrated
Do you find yourself licking your lips a lot, only to wind up with chapped lips while traveling? Perhaps while spending time out on the beach, you burned your lips or the salt from the sea and air has dried them out. Bring your lips back to life by applying a healthy dose of lip balm a few times per day. If your lips are normal and aren’t chapped, windburned, or sunburned, this will prevent them from getting that way in the first place. If you are to be spending time outdoors, choose a lip balm with SPF properties within to ward off harmful UV rays.

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