Lionesse Beauty Bar brings you Best Hairstyles for Scorpios

Scorpio women are known for their intensity, passion, and amazing style. They can typically wear things other signs would never dream of, and pull it off as if it were made for them. Scorpios have a tendency to do everything big, bold, and beautiful. From makeup, to the clothes they wear, to their hairstyles, they know how to not only be in style, but to be the style. Their confidence levels are usually very high, and they have no problem wearing their confidence on their sleeves.


Today, Lionesse Beauty Bar would like to discuss some of the hairstyles you can typically find a Scorpio woman wearing, and if they aren’t – then they should be! It’s very typical for Scorpio women to have either very long hair, or very short hair. There usually is no in between.

Luscious beautiful waves

Long and Wavy

Many Scorpio women can be found in a head full of long, wavy locks. No matter the color of their hair, they stand out in a crowd due to their confidence, elegance, and beauty. Their eyes are always intense, which is accentuated by the look of this particular hair style.

Cute pixie haircut

Short Pixie Cut

On the other end of the spectrum, short pixie cuts offer the rebel side of a Scorpio a true personality trait. Scorpio’s love the shock factor, and this is a drastic change for some women. Pixie cuts also express the playful spirit within, which is also the embodiment of a Scorpio woman.

Portrait of a fresh and lovely woman with curls

Long Spiral Curls

Again, with the shock factor. Scorpio women love to rock a head full of fluffy, tight curls. When wearing this hairstyle, it usually brings out the fierce, sexy woman within. Sultry is a Scorpio’s middle name. They express this through their hair! When you see a Scorpio wearing her hair like this – look out, because done mode, which Scorpios are also known for. Once they set their mind to something, it will happen. Guaranteed.

Pixie hairstyle with an undercut

Pixie Hair with Undercut Sides

Much like the pixie cut, the undercut gives the Scorpio woman a sense of herself. It shows the world that she’s rebellious, won’t be told what to do, and that she has a mind of her own. Truly, the Scorpio woman is something of a firecracker. She can be a ticking time bomb, ready to explode at any minute. Not all explosions are necessarily a bad thing, though, as any man who has ever married a Scorpio woman would tell you. Sometimes, she has outbursts of laughter, joy, excitement – and even lust.

Whatever style a Scorpio wears, it should be understood that she knows herself. She wears whatever styles she is feeling at the time, and knows she looks darn good in it. Contrary to popular belief, a Scorpio will choose something that’s not trending over something that is, just because she isn’t feeling it. Strong minded, strong willed Scorpio is a mystery that can’t easily be solved. Why would anyone even try? After all, the mystery is half the fun.