Lionesse Examines the Best Makeup for Your Eye Shape

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Have you ever experienced this situation: planned a cute makeup look, picked beautiful colors, applied your makeup carefully only to look in the mirror upon completion and be completely dissatisfied? Your color palette seems to be a lot of fun, but the moment you finished with the mascara and the liner, it seems as if everything has been turned upside down. Have you ever felt like your smoky eye just doesn’t look right?  Haven’t you ever wondered how makeup suddenly became so complicated? Well, it’s not you! You maybe just not taking your eye shape into account before applying your makeup. The good thing is that its super easy to fix this mistake. Just follow our guide below to make the most of your eye shape and get your makeup looking on point, stat!


Determine Your Eye Shape

The first thing that you need to do is to learn how to determine your eye shape. Determining the shape of the eyes is of utmost importance. And you can do it by asking yourself a few simple questions.

  • Do you have creases on your eyelids? If not, you have monolid eyes. If yes, move on to the next question.
  • Do the outer corners of your eyes seem to be drawing upwards or downwards if you draw a straight line from the center of each eye? If they turn upwards, you have upturned eyes. Conversely, if they move downwards, you have downturned eyes. If they fall in the middle, move onto the next question.
  • Are the creases on your eyelids visible? If the answer is no, you have hooded eyes. If the answer is yes, proceed to the next question.
  • Are the whites of your eyes visible when you look right in front of you?  If yes, you have round eyes. But, if the answer is no, you have almond eyes.


Best Makeup for Each Eye Shape

Now that you have figured out which eye shape you have, follow the tips below to play it up.

Close set eyes

Close Set Eyes

The main secret to pulling off the perfect look for close set eyes is to use the lightest colors around the inner corners of eyes. Graduate from lighter shades to darker shades as you move away from the inner areas, to the outer areas of your eyes. This helps your eyes to look further apart. We advise, swiping eyeliner across the outer 2/3rd of your eye area to further help in making your eyes appear further apart.

Portrait of beautiful senior woman with droopy eyes

Droopy Eyes

Droopy eyes are a common complaint amongst older women. The best way to deal with droopy eyes is to keep the area above the crease extra light in order to shift the focus upwards. You can even try a light shimmery highlighter shade right below the brow bone. Another trick is to apply liner in a winged shape to extend your eyes upwards and outwards with a cat eye look. This way, the outside corner looks pulled away and lifted.

Wide set eyes

Wide Set Eyes

Wide set eyes are considered to be the easiest eye shape to work with. The main advantage is that you can line them in any way you like. This gives you a lot of freedom. While many people prefer not to use deeper shades on the inner corners of the eye, if you have wide set eyes, you can easily apply the deeper colors there for  a more interesting and unusual look which still plays up your eyes.

Prominent/ big eyes

Prominent Eyes

Women with prominent eyes should stick to the neutral shades and more subdued eye makeup. If you apply wild eye makeup or bright colors you risk making your eyes look unnatural. We recommend sticking to a more natural makeup look or using a neutral color palate – think navy, browns, and skin tones.

Asian woman with hooded eyes

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes refer to eyes where the lids are barely visible. This is a very common eye type for Asian people. The best way to deal with hooded eyes is to focus on your crease. Apply a color several shades darker than your skin tone to your crease and blend it toward your brow. Follow this with a light color below the brow in order to create a nice eye shape. Finally, apply a light color on the lid and sweep it vertically. Complete your look with liner and mascara. These steps will  make your eyes open up and look beautiful.

Almond eyes

Almond eyes

Almond eyes are considered to be one of the best eye shapes because they give you a lot of flexibility. We recommend applying your eyeliner from the inside corner all the way past the outside corner. Don’t forget to wing it. This helps  draw attention to the beauty of your almond shaped eyes. It also helps to use a complementary color of eyeshadow on the top lid to make your eyes open up.


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