Lionesse Makeup Storage Ideas

Makeup storageLet’s face it. As women, the majority of us are very much into our skin care and our makeup. When it comes to storing our skin care products and makeup supplies, you can never have too many makeup bags and there’s no such thing as too many makeup carriers. If you happen to be a woman who is into trying different makeup types, colors, hues and shades and experimenting with different makeup styles, you can very quickly and easily end up with a whole lot of makeup products and be in need of a way to both organize and store your massive makeup collection.

Of course, there are always the predesigned store-bought makeup boxes, bags and cases that you can purchase from virtually any store that sells makeup supplies; but if you’re looking for a more creative and unique type of method that can also be much more beautiful, here are some clever and convenient makeup storage ideas from Lionesse that you can use to get more organized and keep your assortment of makeup items in order and looking nice.     

Makeup Storage Idea #1: Spice Rack Makeup Storage

Spice racks can actually be used for more than just spices. A small spice rack can make an ideal storage space for your nail polishes. You can organize your colors any way you like, and you can decorate the rack and mount it on your wall. It not only organizes your nail polish, it also gives you easy access to your nail colors and makes a decorative wall item.

Makeup Storage Idea #2: Ice Cube Tray Makeup Storage

You can remodel an ice cube tray that has deep enough compartments in it to store your smaller-sized makeup supplies such as eyeliners, mascaras and makeup brushes. You can decorate this tray to give it a customized look and gain convenient access to your makeup items.

Makeup Storage Idea #3: Mason Jar Makeup Storage

Mason jars (or any other clear jar or vase), make great storage containers, and they are not just great for storing food products. They can also make great makeup brush holders. You can fill your jar with beads, gems, coffee beans, or anything else you choose, and your brushes will always be readily available whenever you need them.  The jar also makes another nice decorative item for your bedroom or bathroom.

Makeup Storage Idea #4: Wine Rack Makeup Storage

Wine racks can be used for storing other things besides bottles of wine. They can also make useful storage racks for eye/lip pencils and/or makeup brushes. Each compartment can be used for a different type of makeup product, and it also makes a decorative wall item.

Makeup Storage Idea #5: Woven Basket Makeup Storage

A simple woven basket can be just as useful as an expensive and fancy makeup box. You can fill them with decorative fillers or cloths and store different makeup items in them, either in your bathroom or bedroom.

Makeup Storage Idea #6: Dish Rack Makeup Storage

The dish rack can be a very functional complete makeup storage system. You can arrange all of your different types of makeup products and supplies in sections by color and/or size and have convenient access to all of your different makeup items anytime you need them.

Makeup Storage Idea #7: Shoe Organizer Makeup Storage System

You can hang one of these on your bedroom or bathroom door and instead of using it for shoes, you can use it for a complete makeup product and supplies system. The many compartments can be useful for organizing every type, size and color of each makeup item and product you own. Depending on the size of the shoe rack and number of compartments, you will most likely end up with more than enough space for everything you own makeup-wise, and because the compartments are clear, you can easily see what colors and sizes are where for easy and convenient access at all times.

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