Lionesse on Makeup Styles for Sagittarius Women

Sag sign woman with natural looking making


Makeup for Sagittarian women is subtle, natural-looking, and ultimately, they like to look as though they are barely wearing any product at all. Keeping things neutral and natural are the typical looks they go for on an average everyday basis, unless the occasion calls for something a bit more intense. The daily makeup regimen and routine can seem exhausting to them, as they are minimalists at heart. Lionesse Beauty Bar has sourced some of the best ideas for makeup application available for Sagittarius women and has complied this list of ideas which will help you to choose the best looks for your sign.


Tan Skin

Whether you opt to use a tanning bed, a self-tanner, or the all-natural rays from the sun, Sagittarians look fantastic with tan skin. They also love the process of tanning. If you would like to take the less permanent easy route, which consists of dusting on some bronzing powder, this is also a great idea. We believe Sagittarius women should use a good bronzing powder every day in their makeup regimen, regardless of their current skin color. It looks great alone without any foundation or makeup products, and as Sagittarians are makeup minimalists, it’s a great option for those who want to keep a natural look, while providing their skin with a healthy glow.


Eye Liner

No matter the color of eye liner you choose to use, lightly lined eyes are something that can pull your entire face together in a minute. Opt for colors like charcoal, black, or navy blue to give you a slight eye popping look, without going overboard. Brightly colored eyeliners aren’t generally a good look for Sagittarians.



Mascara is a tricky one. By using one swipe over your lashes rather than repeated applications, you are giving your eyes a bit of something more without taking it over the top and looking too done up. One simple swipe of a black, rich mascara is all you need to tie your eyeliner and face together perfectly.


Lip Color

Your lip color should remain neutral, and therefore opting for something minimal such as a tinted lip gloss or rose colored lipstick should do the trick. The key is to keep it natural looking while also giving yourself a bit of color to add something more. Stay neutral in your color scheme, and you can’t go wrong.



Although many other signs opt for the use of foundation, you don’t actually need to, Sagittarius! You can use a tinted moisturizer, or mineral powder rather than foundation – this works in your favor. A natural, flawless looking face is already yours – keep things minimal for your best look, and you’ll be happy and in your element.


Sagittarian women don’t need to go overboard to look their best. They don’t care for wearing lots of makeup on their face – and they are perfectly content with that. Stay true to yourself and who you are, as well as what you like, and the end result will be perfect, flawless beauty.