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Winter Wardrobe Essentials: Keeping up the comfort…and the style.
With the temperature rapidly dropping and the holidays around the corner, it is that time of the year again when you gear up to simultaneously battle the frost and enjoy the festive soiree. Lionesse reviews the 5 must have essentials to revamp your wardrobe this winter.
Woman dressed in warm outerwear for winter

Keep your Feet Snug and Stylish: Winter Boots

Commuting in flats through the snowfall is no longer an option; switch to versatile leather boots that complement your outfit. From heeled, fur-lined to chic knee high, these boots keep your feet warm and are convenient for a stroll in the weekends or any formal occasions. We highly recommend a stylish pair of Chelsea ankle boots which can be paired with anything. Another option that is very in this season is a pair of over the knee boots. This type of style will definitely keep you warm while also amping up the sex appeal.

Brave the Chill in Style: Cashmere Sweaters

If you are planning to keep yourself warm and trendy, cashmere sweaters are a must infusion into your collection of winter attire. These sweaters readily go with a wide array of garments, from denim jeans to spotted skirts. They are also super warm and elegant in style. We highly recommend investing in a good quality cashmere sweater, cheaper options are often mixed with synthetics or pill quickly. When trying on cashmere makes sure it is 100% cashmere and that it lays well. A small trick to check the quality of the fabric is to gently tug on a small portion of the sweater: it should bounce right back. If it does not that is a sign of low quality.

Make Your Statement: Jackets

Spice up your outlook with warm jackets that assert your confidence and keep those cold chilly drafts out. From luxe wool to classy calf – lengths, these jackets are a much needed upgrade of your closet in the coming months. We are really loving car coat styles with self-ties. They not only are very elegant but they also don’t drown your figure in bulk and in the right material they are very warm.

Woman in warm outerwear: warm furry hat, coat and scarf
Stick to Well-Loved Staples: Sweater Dresses

If you are a dress girl at heart, like we are, you can hold on to the dress-look and appeal of keeping to legs bare with a sweater dress. They are perfect for cold weather when paired with the warmth of quality yarn. Opt for a long sleeved elegant dress that conforms to your frame or go for a more relaxed look with loosely fitting turtlenecks which go with knee boots.

Wrap Your Look in Chic: Scarves

Add a breath of life to your wardrobe with a brightly colored printed scarf. From cashmere to leather fringe, to a classic leopard print; these essential winter accessories offer great warmth and style to your attire. Upgrade your ensemble with trendy tribal prints or chunky circle scarves. If you are opting for a really fancy look go for a fur scarf, which will keep you warm and add texture to your look at the same time.


What is your favorite winter wardrobe trend? Tell us in the comments below.

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