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The Japanese culture has always been known to be on the cutting edge of beauty trends, and it’s no different right now.  It’s always so fun to take a peek at what trends are popular in other cultures, especially the Japanese culture that tends to be outside the box a bit more than other cultures.  Since this week we’re all about celebrating the Japanese and Kawaii culture, we’re sharing a few of our favorite beauty trends that are popular right now.

Ombre lips

Gradient Lips
The ombre trend has been popular in hair for a long time, but have you thought of adapting that to your lips?  It’s incredibly popular among Japanese beauty trends, what’s different about the way they’re applying this trend to their lips is they keep the outside rim lighter and as you get closer to the middle of the lip the chosen color gets darker.  It’s likely this stems from the beauty trend of women having a desire to appear, sickly.  Many of the colors used in achieving this particular lip trend are shades of pink and orange.  They’re great colors to add a splash of color to your lip, even though the outside rim is lighter.

Woman with colored hair

Colored Hair
The rise in popularity of the galaxy hair trend has been undeniable, while in Japanese culture the galaxy hair trend isn’t as popular, there is still a splash of color.  Instead of the bold, bright hues they’re adapting more of the pastel colors to their hair and sticking to one solid color.  The most popular colors used seem to be pale pink, blue and/or purple.  Basically, the common colors associated with springtime, but instead of just wearing those colors, women are actually coloring their entire hair those colors.  It’s a fun way to add color, but it should not be a hot pink or something similar.

Pastel nails

Elaborate Nails
The graphic and elaborately designed nail art has held a huge role in Japanese beauty trends, and there’s no sign of it slowing down.  Many of the colors used seem to be more on the pastel side, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less bold!  The fun thing about Japanese beauty is they’re not afraid to do things outside the box, and the nail trends hold true to that statement.  Whether it’s an elaborate floral design, or abstract plaid, there are really no rules when it comes to nails.  It seems they use nail art as a really great way to express their personality and personal style by adding different elements to their nails.

Japanese woman with under-eye blush

Under Eye Blush
Otherwise known as “me no shita chiiku” is a beauty trend where women are applying brightly colored blush hues right underneath their eyes.  It’s a trend that started among the Harajuku fashionistas and quickly caught on throughout a lot of Japanese fashionistas.  Many beauty gurus have shared that it’s gained a lot of popularity because in Japanese culture rosy colored cheeks are a sign of youth, and the specific placement of this blush trend adds a level of contour to the face.

Which of these Japanese trends (if any) would you try?

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