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Liu Wen

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Liu Wen is a powerhouse supermodel that’s virtually taken the fashion industry by storm.  She’s from China and has broken multiple molds and records when it comes to supermodels and the fashion industry as a whole.  It’s always amazing to see women who are making waves in any industry, but with the fashion industry getting some backlash for models and their weight it’s incredible to see a model that’s making headlines for a positive accomplishment.  So you may be thinking…what are these accomplishments Liu Wen has made?  Well, we’re going to share!

China’s First
Liu Wen is known as China’s first official “supermodel,” talk about a huge title right?  While China has had plenty of models gracing runways and ad campaigns many are referring to Wen as the first to have supermodel status.  With good reason too, not only is she said to be their first supermodel but she’s also the first official East Asian model to walk in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  Among those titles, she’s also the first East Asian model to be a spokesmodel for Estee Lauder.  Um, wow – right?  Talk about a lot of firsts, and all done by a Liu Wen who’s a young 26 years old.

Forbes First
What does Forbes and a supermodel have in common?  Well, a lot actually.  Liu Wen was recently ranked in Forbes magazine as one of the highest-paid models.  The magazine comes out with a list of highest-paid models annually, but Liu Wen being mentioned was extra special because she set yet another record as being the first Asian model to ever make the list.  Considering Forbes is known to rank lists of the highest paid people in the world for many categories, this is a huge accomplishment for the model.

Runway Powerhouse
Aside from breaking down barriers and being the first to hold accomplishments as an Asian model, she’s a powerhouse on the runways during fashion week.  Holding yet another record of sorts, walking in an astonishing 74 shows during 2009 Fall/Winter fashion week.  She’s consistently booked in back-to-back shows during fashion week, yet another reason she’s now considered China’s first official supermodel.  74 shows in one week is definitely supermodel status, don’t you think?

It’s pretty clear that Liu Wen is a uniquely powerful supermodel.  Not only has she broken down incredible barriers for other Asian models to follow, but she’s also set the tone and given the fashion industry a great diversified experience.  It’s a little crazy to think it took this long for China, a country that’s home to over 1 billion people, to have a supermodel breaking into the fashion industry in such a powerful way.  Although it’s taken some time, Liu Wen is showing the rest of the world how dynamic she is and embracing her success with grace.  It goes without saying that she’s incredibly beautiful, and all the records she’s made to represent the wonderful country of China is truly incredible.

What do you think of Liu Wen’s incredible success in such a short amount of time?

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