Look Great At The Gym

Woman wearing gym clothes

If we’re completely honest, we don’t love the idea of going to the gym and looking like a complete hot mess in the process.  Sure we’re there to get healthy and look great every other time of our lives, but can’t we also look great at the gym?  We felt like this was a total possibility so naturally, we went on a little hunt to find some easy ways to look great at the gym, without taking too much time or energy to do so.  Because really…we are at the gym to work out.

Invest in Cute Clothes
One of the best ways to look great (and feel great) at the gym is to wear workout clothes you love!  There are so many exciting workout clothes options now, available at every price point.  If you’re feeling blah about your workout clothes, it’s not much of an encouragement to actually workout.  So why not invest in some clothes you’re more excited to wear?  When you’re more excited about your clothes, you’ll probably enjoy your workout a little more (even if it’s just a really little amount).  The thing about workout clothes, is you’re probably more comfortable wearing colors and patterns you may not wear in your everyday life, but they’re fun!

Flatter Your Figure
Our natural instinct when it comes to getting dressed in general, especially when working out, is to ‘hide’ our bodies – especially when you’re not in LOVE with your body.  But instead of wearing super baggy or loose fitting clothes, use your clothes to flatter your figure.  If you have great, long legs wear pants that enhance them.  If you love your arms wear tank tops that show them off.  Basically, instead of hiding behind your clothes use them as a way to celebrate and flatter your shape and the areas of your body you do like.  While we’re all guilty of beating ourselves up, part of going to the gym is celebrating YOU and the hard work you’re putting in and it’s about time you do that!

You may not think of accessorizing your workout wear, but there are fun little ways you can accessorize your workout clothes without a lot of effort.  Finding coordinating headbands to hold fly away hairs back is a favorite workout accessory, it’s functional but also cute.  Of course, finding shoes that are fun and coordinate with a lot of the clothing colors you own is another great way to accessorize.  Finally, wearing a proper fitting sports bra is another huge part of looking great at the gym.  Great fitting sports bras will give you the support you need without completely flattening your chest.  You should be able to breathe in your sports bra!

We don’t typically recommend wearing makeup when you work out, we get it you want to look great but it’s not the BEST choice for your skin.  Incorporating some of the above suggested ways will help you look just as great and not leave you feeling pressured to wear full glam.

How do you like looking great at the gym?

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