Maintaining a Youthful Appearance

Maintaining a youthful appearance is a big priority for so many of us.  Priority…or should we say concern?  Either way, want to continue looking as young as possible even as we age.  Luckily, thanks to all the research that has been done on skincare and what it takes to maintain a youthful appearance, we know some of the top things you need to do to accomplish your goal.  Naturally, since we do know some of the secrets we’re sharing them with you – because we want all of you to be able to be in on the details!

Woman drinking water

Stay Hydrated
We know, we know you’ve heard it thousands of times but it really continues to hold true when it comes to skincare.  Many people are guilty of only drinking water when they feel thirsty, but the truth is we need to be drinking water ALL day.  Not drinking enough water can show in your skin, leaving it appearing dry and older.  So drink up!

Woman cleansing

Cleanse + Moisturize Daily
Cleansing your skin is really important to maintaining your skin’s health.  It really helps to eliminate any buildup on your skin and environmental factors that your skin may be exposed to throughout the day.  Since cleansing is great for maintaining your skin’s overall health, it’s also great for maintaining its youthful appearance.  Moisturizing is important to maintaining your youthful appearance because often times if you let your skin get dry, it looks older.  Additionally, they’re really helpful with enhancing the appearance of your skin’s texture.

Woman exercising

Eat Well and Exercise
Another thing you’ve probably heard thousands of times with your skin is eating right but just like staying hydrated it really is THAT important.  Incorporating a lot of fruits, vegetables and even fish are great foods to eat and actually encourage and promote healthy skin.  What many skincare experts have found is a lot of those foods can actually fight wrinkles and other skin concerns.  Exercising has been found to be incredibly beneficial with the appearance of your skin because it gets your blood flow going much better.  When your blood flow is better, it helps to eliminate toxins from your body and give your skin cells a nice boost and healthy glow.  So eat well and get your work out on!

Woman sleeping

Relax and Get Enough Sleep
We live in such a busy world, we forget the power of just taking a chill.  Stress has been found to have huge negative effects on our skin and it’s appearance, and actually causing people to age earlier in life.  Similar to stress, sleep is an incredibly underrated thing with skin care.  It’s really important to get enough sleep at night.  When we sleep our body works to repair itself, so when we don’t get enough sleep our body doesn’t get a chance to fully repair or replenish itself causing us to appear older.

Really when it comes to maintaining a youthful appearance it’s about maintaining healthy habits in your daily life.  What do you find works with maintaining a youthful appearance?

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