Make Last Season’s Party Dress New To You

The holiday season is always full of different parties and events, requiring you to wear party dresses more often this time of year.  It’s always fun to get dressed up and head out to a fun event during the holiday season.  Of course we can’t forget that with the increase in events, you may not necessarily want to be buying a new dress for every party.  And it’s likely that you have some pretty great party dresses from last year.  But you may not necessarily know how to make them feel different, so we’re sharing some tips to make last season’s party dress new to you.

woman in holiday dress

Change Your Hair and Makeup
When it comes to changing up a look, it’s not just about the clothes and accessories – it’s also about how you wear your hair and makeup.  The great thing about the holiday season is it’s the perfect time to change these things up and add a bit more glam.  Think about how you wore your hair and makeup last year with your party dress(es) and look for inspiration on different ways to do them, you’re going to feel like it’s a WHOLE new look (because it is).

Change Up Your Accessories
Of course, we can’t forget to mention how easy it is to switch things up with any look – especially a party dress, with accessories.  If you wore certain accessories with a party dress from last season, dig into your accessory collection to discover what other accessories you have that would work well with the party dress.  Odds are you have plenty of other options and you’ll feel like you’re wearing a completely different dress just by wearing different accessories.  This goes for adding tights (if you didn’t wear them with the dress before) and even adding a belt to wear at the waist of your dress.  Don’t forget to include different shoes here, too!

woman dress with blazer

Add a Blazer
One of our favorite ways to add a different twist to a party dress is to throw on a blazer.  It’s kind of a fun way to get a bit of that tuxedo look/vibe into your party look with very minimal effort.  You can go with a black blazer or a white blazer to switch things up.  The great thing about adding a blazer is you still get some structure so you don’t completely lose your shape in the look.

Layer UNDER Your Dress
We already talked about adding a blazer to wear over your dress to make it feel new, but you may not even realize that you can layer UNDER the dress as well.  How?  Bodysuits!  One of our favorite body suits to layer under a party dress has to be something with lace, it still gives you look that sexy holiday vibe then.  Of course, the only thing is to make sure that whatever bodysuit you choose to wear is something that flows well with the dress that you have.  You’ll be shocked at how different  the dress looks and feels by adding that layer.


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