Makeup and Confidence

Every morning when we get up out of bed, we somewhere along the lines of making a beeline to the coffee pot and heading out the front door take some time out to prepare ourselves for the day. We spend time in front of the mirror to make sure we not only look presentable enough to leave the house, but feel good about the way we look. Lionesse would like to take a few minutes to talk about the boost that wearing makeup can actually have on our self-esteem based upon studies and research which has been done over the years.

Woman applying red lipstick

In 2011, a study was conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital by Nancy Etcoff, who is an assistant clinical professor at Harvard Medical School, and her colleagues. This study was conducted to see whether or not the use of makeup would improve or change a woman’s viewpoint of herself – but moreover, the study was also to be focused on collecting votes from viewers looking at the images of the women who were made up. These votes would prove whether or not women with makeup seemed or appeared more attractive than those who did not, and the votes were cast within seconds. The study showed that faces with natural makeup appeared more trustworthy, while the same woman who was then decked up in a more dramatic makeup look appeared to be less trustworthy.

Psychiatrists tell us that makeup can provide a temporary confidence boost when the application of the product is complete. However, psychiatrists also say that for the women who feel forced into wearing it when they don’t want to, and would rather direct their attention on something else, do not feel more confident after the application at all.

We believe women are beautiful with or without makeup – no matter their race, size, or skin type. We feel makeup can give you a sense of feeling beautiful, when it done properly – and done for yourself. Forcing yourself to wear makeup is never a good idea – you should only wear it if you feel comfortable with doing so. We provide some of the finest cosmetic products to women such as mineral eye shimmer pigments in various colors, matte pigments, mascara, and more. We also provide an extensive line of hair products as well, which can help you feel your most beautiful. We encourage, but would never want anyone to feel forced, to wear makeup on a daily basis.

Woman with a natural makeup look.

Creating a natural makeup look is your best bet for an everyday face. If you are heading out to dinner or a date, creating a more sultry or dramatic look. Dramatic looks should be reserved for special occasions, of course – while the natural look is suitable for any occasion.

We hope you have found this article to be informative and insightful, and have swayed your opinion to believe that a bit of makeup is okay. If you feel better with it, wear it. If you don’t, you should refrain.