Makeup That Captures The Eyes


Makeup is a fun way to enhance your natural features and express yourself.  While often times makeup is looked at by many women as a way to hide their ‘imperfections’ we like to instead think of makeup as a way to celebrate your natural beauty.  Eyes are a great feature to focus on highlighting with your makeup, and there are some really fun ways to do that using makeup.  We thought in honor of the beauty inside and out theme, we would share makeup that captures the eyes to help you use makeup to celebrate your own beauty.

Focus on the Eyes
The first thing to consider if you’re looking to capture the eyes with your makeup is to go more neutral on the rest of your makeup, and really focus more of your attention on the eye area.  Often times if we pair a bolder eye look with bold lips and a lot of other product it can be overwhelming to the face and really lose sight of your eyes.  Instead, go light everywhere else to let your eyes do the sparkling.

Compliment Your Eye Color
One sure fire way to capture the eyes is to use eye shadow colors that compliment your natural eye color.   Not sure what we mean by that?  Picture a color wheel in your mind (or look one up online) the colors that are directly across from one another on the color wheel are complimentary colors.  Pairing complimentary colors is a great way to really make them POP, this rule applies incredibly well to eye color.  There are also a ton of charts and resources that give color recommendations based on eye color, if you’re not quite sure.  But adding complimentary eye shadow colors to your eye look is a really gorgeous way to capture your eyes.

Work Those Lashes
Eyelashes are, naturally, another great way to add some extra pop to your eyes.  Since you’re working on capturing your eyes, you’ll want to creating a little more pizzazz with your lashes.  Luckily, you can definitely do this easily and you don’t even need to add falsies.  Starting with an eyelash curler is a great way to really open up the eyes and add some extra curl to the look.  Once you’ve curled your lashes applying different mascara formulas is going to help you get the bolder lash look.  We’re big fans of layering a couple different mascara formulas to really add a pop.  Wait for the mascara to dry a bit before layering another coat on, to make the most of the application.

model applying makeup

Ok. Since we’re talking about capturing the eyes, we can’t forget to highlight!  Applying a light layer of concealer to the under eye area is going to be a great way to brighten your under eyes AND really highlight your eyes.  We’re also fans of adding either a light color concealer or a light color eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eyes (and just below the brows) to add another gorgeous, highlighted look.

What’s your favorite way to use makeup to capture the eyes?


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